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Hisea Dock:

Plastic Floating Dock System Manufacturer

With more than 10 years' experience in manufacturing plastic floating dock cubes, we can understand your needs, and provide you with tailor-made waterfront solutions.

Floating Structures with Various Advantages.

More Waterfront Solutions

Regular Sizes

  • 500*500*250mm
  • 500*500*400mm
  • 500*500*500mm

Plastic Floats Come in Different Sizes and Models.

Standard Colors

  • s03 1 Blue Blue
  • s03 2 Orange Orange
  • s03 3 Gray Gray
  • s03 4 Black Black

*Our floats can be customized to any specifications and colors by special request.

Well Designed and Manufactured to Offer More Benefits.

  • Anti-skid surface to enhance safety.
  • Curved corners for safety.
  • 19mm-thick lugs to ensure strong connection.
  • Grooves on four sides to reinforce stability.
  • Logo area (customization available).
  • Concave corners to facilitate modular installation.
  • Holes for easy assembly with pins and bolts.
  • End cap securely inserted in a threaded hole to guarantee seamlessness.


Don't know how many floats and accessories would suit your needs?

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  • S03-benefits-1 Easy assembly
  • Man walking on a secure plastic floating platform on the waves Flexible on-water installation
  • Plastic floating dock connected with a marina Fit in well with many marinas
  • Quite a few boats parked by the two sides of a plastic floating d Adapt to any kind of PWC
  • Blue plastic floating platform securely floating on the waves Never sink
  • Many racing boats parked alongside a floating dock on the water Accommodate all kinds of activities

Why Choose Hisea Dock

  • s05 1

    Full Specifications

    Hisea Dock has a full line of float specifications that can fit in well with different constructions and can accommodate all kinds of waterfront activities.

  • s05 2

    Time-Tested Quality

    The superior plastic (HDPE) we use allows our plastic pontoons to enjoy a 20%-30% longer lifespan than most of our competitors’ pontoons.

  • s05 3

    5-Year Warranty

    If you buy our products, you can replace it free of charge within 5 years in case of any damage. And we also offer 24/7 after-sales service to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Real Customers, Real Results

  • My first docks are 5 years old now and still in good working condition. I haven’t heard from my customers any floats got broken.

    Joshua, Dealer

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Customize a Floating Dock that Works Best for You.

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