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Hisea Dock offers floating dock systems that are stylish, reliable, eco-friendly, and longlasting. As a well-experienced floating dock systems supplier, Hisea Dock offers drive-on boat docks for sale that are easy and safe to use. Through them, you can park your boat easily within your property to make sure it does not get damaged or vandalized. These docks have multiple uses, such as floating platforms where you can fish or simply relax.

With their multi-float design, drive-on boat docks are fitting for residential, commercial, and recreational uses. Hisea Dock offers complete customization to all its floating docks, including the size, color, height, shape, and any modifications the client requires. Apart from floating platform, Hisea Dock also provides jet ski docks for your PWCs.

HiSea Drive-on Boat Dock in Action

Drive-on Boat Dock

Floating Drive-on Boat Dock

Drive-on Boat Dock

Floating Boat Dock

Customize Your Drive-on Boat Dock

size icon1


You can choose how big or small you want your drive-on boat dock will be.

clolor icon


If you want other colors for your drive-on boat dock, we can customize it for you.

shape icon


We can build your drive-on boat dock according to the shape that you want.

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We can customize your drive-on dock to meet the required height of where it will be used.

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Any specifications

If you want other features for your PWC drive-on dock, we will do our best to accommodate each one of them.

Drive-on Boat Dock Advantages

1.Easier access and greater security

With your drive-on floating dock, you can park your boat right by your waterside house. You don’t have to worry about your boat being damaged, vandalized, or stolen from a marina.

2.Adaptable configuration

If you want a larger parking space for your watercraft, or if you have more than one boat, you can easily expand your drive-on boat dock to meet your specific needs.

3.Multiple other uses

You can use your boat dock as a floating platform, and fish from it if you’d like; or just relax yourself on the dock and enjoy the sunset.

Boat drive on floating dock

Find the Best Floating Boat Dock in Hisea

Hiseadock is considered as  one of the very best floating boat dock suppliers in the world. Our docks are highly versatile, and very easy to assemble and disassemble. One of our very best products is the drive up boat dock, which acts as a convenient parking lot for your water vehicle.

Why Choose Hisea Floating Work Dock Solutions?

One of the best things about Hiseadock’s services is our customizability. We are capable of creating your plastic docks according to your specifications. Just give us your measurements and we could make your drive-on floating boat dock a reality.

When it comes to our plastic docks, we always make sure that they are easy to assemble and disassemble. We have designed our floating docks with easy to link applications. Each plastic dock is designed to fit perfectly into one another, and create a stable drive on floating boat dock.

Your floating drive on dock is meant to hold a large water vehicle such as a speedboat. This is why we have manufactured our floats to be as durable as possible. We chose top quality plastics that are extremely rigid and will stay strong no matter what weight or damage they take

We know that our floats will be left out in open waters for days,and that they must be sturdy enough to last long. Which is why we manufacture our floats for easy maintenance. A quick scrub or hosing down, and they are good as new.

Installation Guide

If you're wondering how to build a drive-on boat dock, follow this guide and you can put together a floating dock system yourself in less than a day.

6 step

Put the numbered pontoons together in order.

Close-up of a drive on floating dock

Form the front of a U-shaped dock with several pontoons.

Drive on boat dock installation

Insert a short pin into the hole in the center.

Drive on boat dock installation

Fasten the short pin with a spanner

Drive on boat dock installation

Reinforce the connection with a short screw.

Drive on boat dock installation

Fasten the short screws, and your drive-on boat dock is ready for use

drive on floating dock installation

Customize a Floating Dock that Works Best for You.

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