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Drive-on Boat Dock Advantages

1.Easier access and greater security

With your drive-on floating dock, you can park your boat right by your waterside house. You don’t have to worry about your boat being damaged, vandalized, or stolen from a marina.

2.Adaptable configuration

If you want a larger parking space for your watercraft, or if you have more than one boat, you can easily expand your drive-on boat dock to meet your specific needs.

3.Multiple other uses

You can use your boat dock as a floating platform, and fish from it if you’d like; or just relax yourself on the dock and enjoy the sunset.

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Installation Guide

If you're wondering how to build a drive-on boat dock, follow this guide and you can put together a floating dock system yourself in less than a day.

6 step

Put the numbered pontoons together in order.

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Form the front of a U-shaped dock with several pontoons.

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Insert a short pin into the hole in the center.

P02 6 S04 Step 3  2

Fasten the short pin with a spanner

P02 6 S04 Step 4  2

Reinforce the connection with a short screw.

P02 6 S04 Step 5  2

Fasten the short screws, and your drive-on boat dock is ready for use

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Customize a Floating Dock that Works Best for You.

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