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For more than ten years, Hisea Dock has been manufacturing top-quality floating dock systems for numerous clients. These floating docks are cost-efficient, durable, stylish, and can last for a very long time.  As one of the prominent floating dock systems manufacturers in China, Hisea Dock offers its clients floating restaurants for sale that provide easy access to the water for sea-lovers. Docks for floating restaurants and houses are made from high-quality plastic that does not affect the seabed and marine life. They can be used for both residential and commercial purposes.

Hisea Dock floating restaurants and houses are customizable to suit the needs and wants of clients. This includes the shape, size, height, color, and any modification the client may require. You can also find more great floating docks suitable for fish cage farming if you do fish farming.

HiSea Floating Restaurant in Action

floating restautant

Floating Restaurant

floating restautant

Commercial Floating Platform for Restaurant

Customize Floating Dock for Your Restaurant

size icon1


We can customize the size of your floating restaurant or house that meets your requirements.

clolor icon


You can pick the colors of the docks of your floating restaurant or house that will make it more appealing to the eyes.

shape icon


We can modify the shape of your floating restaurant or home so you can maximize the use of space where it will be situated.

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You can specify the height you want for your floating house or restaurant and we’ll make it for you.

specification icon

Any specifications

We will find the best solution if you wish to modify or add more to your floating docks for a waterfront restaurant or house.

Floating Restaurant Advantages

1.Profitable investment

A floating restaurant easily appeals to sightseers, which makes the on-water construction a profitable investment. It can offer tourists a rest place and a good view of the ocean.

2.With the sea around

It provides instant access to the sea, with no negative impact on the seabed or marine life. It’s worth considering for swimming or fishing enthusiasts to own a floating house.

floating platform for floating house

Installation Guide

If you're wondering how to build a floating restaurant, follow this guide and you can put together a floating restaurant system yourself in less than a day.

6 step

Put the numbered pontoons together in order.

Close-up of a floaitng dock

Make up a square meter with four pontoons.

floatign work platform installation

Insert a short pin into the hole in the center.

floating dock installation

Fasten the short pin with a spanner.

A man is installing floating dock

Reinforce the connection with a short screw.

floating dock installation

Fasten the short screws, and your floating project is ready for use

Floating dock installation

Customize a Floating Dock that Works Best for You.

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