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Hisea Dock is a leading floating dock systems manufacturer in China. These floating docks are known for their durability, efficiency, and innovative yet simple design. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Hisea Dock supplies Kayak Docks that let you paddle and slide to the water with ease. These docks ensure that the kayaks are steady and that there are no unnecessary movements that may cause accidents.

Hisea Dock kayak docks for sale are ideal for personal, commercial, and recreational use. They come in stylish designs and are also customizable if you have a specific design in mind. We can customize the color, size, height, shape, and other specifications that you need for your floating kayak dock. Besides, you can also find high-quality floating walkways here in Hisea Dock.

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Floating Kayak Docking System

Customize Kayak Dock

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You can request a specific size for your kayak dock that will best fit its location.

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We can make your kayak dock in any color that you want.

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If you are looking for a specific shape for your dock, we can customize it for you.

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We can customize your kayak dock according to your requested height.

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Any Specifications

If you need more customization services, let us know and will meet them the best way we can.

Find the Best Floating Kayak Dock in Hisea

Hisea Dock is a prominent manufacturer of floating dock systems in China. With over a decade of industry expertise, we provide floating Kayak Docks for sale that allow you to paddle and glide to the water with ease. These docks guarantee that the kayaks remain stable and that no needless movements occur, which may lead to an accident.

Why Choose Hisea Kayak Docking System Solutions?


If you have a certain design in mind, we provide attractive designs that are customizable. We can make your floating kayak dock in any color, size, height, form, or other requirements you want. Furthermore, high-quality floating walkways can be found in Hisea Dock.

Our industry-leading kayak docking systems are simple to install, extremely long-lasting, and almost maintenance-free. They have a lightweight, modular frame design that allows you to easily construct your own bespoke dock in whatever shape or configuration you choose.

Our kayak docking systems are well-known for their longevity, efficiency, and creative yet straightforward design. Our aluminum floating docks are well-known for their strength. Aluminum docks are the most durable of the three types of floating docks because they can withstand an impact from a boat or a raging storm.

They do not require any upkeep or repairs. The assembly is simple, quick, and flexible. Pipelines of various types can be carried by circular and semi-circular structures. It can save a significant amount of money in terms of maintenance, replacement, and upkeep.

Customize a Floating Dock that Works Best for You.

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