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1. Gathering plastic (HDPE).

The new-generation plastic HDPE is selected for its durability and toughness.

  • p09 s02 1
  • p09 s02 2

2. Adding the UV-resistant agent.

The agent can protect our plastic cubes from aging and color fading.

  • White UV resistant agent
  • Blue UV resistant agent

3. Melting down the plastic.

Melting down the plastic in a temperature between 180 and 230 degrees C.

  • Production machine
  • Production machine

4. Air-blowing and molding.

The melted HDPE will harden once being air-blowed, and it's the best time to mold the material.

  • Machine shaping a plastic pontoon
  • Machine going to shape a plastic pontoon

5. Trimming.

Experienced fabricators get rid of the redundant edging.

  • Lugs of two grew plastic pontoon cubes
  • Man wearing helmet and mask trimming a grey plastic pontoon cube

6. Drilling threads around the
air-blowing port.

It's meant for the End Cap to be securely inserted into the air-blowing port.

  • Threaded hole of a plastic floating dock cube
  • Man wearing helmet punching a threaded hole in a plastic pontoon cube

7. Inserting the End Cap.

To ensure the pontoon's seamlessness and uncompromised buoyancy.

  • End cap of a plastic pontoon cube
  • Man using a special tool to insert the end cap into a plastic pontoon cube

8. Quality testing.

All our products undergo quality control tests.

  • Blue plastic pontoon cube product undergoing quality testing
  • Many blue plastic floating dock cubes

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