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How to DIY Jet Ski Dock: A Guide for Beginners

April 06, 2020
Jet Ski Docks
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Floating docks are important for providing accessibility and ease for owners to securely park their jet skis and other watercrafts. It is possible for homeowners to install their jet ski dock on their own. However, there are instructions and maintenance measures needed to properly execute the installment.

Not sure exactly how to install a jet ski dock yourself? Do not worry. We have prepared the instructions on how to DIY pre-built jet ski docks and the necessary maintenance procedures.

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Instructions on How to DIY a Jet Ski Dock

The following steps will show you how to construct a new plastic jet ski dock. Before you proceed to the first step, make sure you have all the things you will need for jet ski dock installation:

1. Prepare for Jet Ski Dock Assembly

Before anything else, property owners need to determine the location where the system will be installed and assembled. Experts recommend the assembly site to be flat, unobstructed, and preferably concrete so you can easily construct the dock.

Moreover, in this step, you need to familiarize yourself with the different dock parts to safely and securely structure and fasten the pieces. When you face the bow, the rightmost portion of the dock is the starboard dock. Meanwhile, the leftmost part is the port dock. Make sure to remove the connecting pins, bow, and stern fasteners. Secure the parts in a safe area.


Look for the best location where the finished jet ski dock will be installed
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Aligning Tabs
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2. Align Bow Tabs

Turn the bow sections and align the bow-most tabs properly through the tab-stacking technique. Remember to place the bow tab on the port dock over the starboard dock. Do you remember the stern fastener? Insert it on the port dock and tighten it using a custom tool kit.

Next, face at the stern while slowly lifting it. Turn the port dock over the starboard dock and maintain the correct tab-stacking sequence.

3. Insert the Connecting Pins

As the floating dock is already arranged, position the handle of the assembly key on the second pin opening from the bow. After this, move the docks closely to insert the connecting pins into the first pin opening from the bow.

Use the assembly key and rotate it 1/8th of a turn to lock the connecting pin. You will know if it is securely locked through the pin’s medallion. It should face in the same direction as the reference medallions on the adjacent cubes. Once the first connecting pin has been locked into place, position the handle of the assembly key on the second and third pin opening to make the docks closer.

You may continue to add more connecting pins using the same technique by aligning the tabs through the assembly key. It would be best to work it in a zipper-like fashion.

When you are almost done with the configuration, place a support underneath the cubes to hold up the four tab corners. By then, you can freely insert the last two connecting pins. Also, you are preventing the tabs from moving away.

Connecting Pins
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Finish the Assembly
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4. Finish the Assembly

Connect the stern tabs with a fastener and two spacers. The spacers should be placed between the first and fourth tab to make place for the second and third tab. Finish the assembly by inserting and tightening the fastener.

Install the winch by unloading half the length of the strap from the reel. Detach the stainless-steel mount found at the top of the winch cube, place it on the winch base and securely tighten it. Lastly, there are backup winches separately shipped to prevent damage.


5. Launch the Jet Ski Dock

Congratulations, your jet ski dock is ready to be launched! As you launch the dock, you can temporarily tie it to where it will be moored. Do not forget to secure two safety lines to the dock and the winch handles over the surface. It is best to be extremely careful in launching the dock to prevent any perforation.

If you want a pre-built floating jet ski dock, HiSea Dock will take care of your customization needs. We can help customize the size, color, height, and other specifications of your plastic jet ski dock.

PWC Jet Ski Dock
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How to Keep Your Floating Dock Looking Great?

After building the jet ski dock on your own, there are measures that need to be done to ensure your floating docks remain functional and unblemished. Here are some of those measures.

drive-on boat dock
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Regularly Check the Components of the Dock

Plastic floating docks are low maintenance as compared to wooden docks. However, you still need to make sure that the individual components of the dock like the connecting pins, bow tabs, winch handles, and more are in good shape. Regularly checking up on these can help prevent damages and malfunctions that may damage your dock. Plastic docks for sale in Hisea Dock are of high quality and at the best price.

Keep Floating Dock Free from Debris

Floating docks are easy to maintain, simply cleaning and keeping off debris will do the trick. Most dock owners use pressure washers to make the work faster and efficient. Using soap and water will help keep the dock surface clean and free from debris. Some owners use anti-fouling paint to keep organisms from growing on wet surfaces. However, these kinds of paints may cause damage to the surface of the floating dock.

A man power washing a white floating dock
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Floating Dock Caught on Offseason
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Store Plastic Floating Docks During Bad Weather

Bad weather and winter season can damage docks. Storms may cause debris to hit and damage your floating docks. Fortunately, owners can remove and safely store plastic floating docks as they are lightweight, modular, and easy to dismantle. It is not advisable to let your floating dock freeze on a lake, pond, or any body of water during winter. 

Inspect Floating Docks Before Re-Launching Them

When the winter offseason or huge storms have passed, it is a good idea to inspect the floating docks first before placing them back into the water. This will help owners to quickly replace and repair any defects. HiSea Dock floating dock system is made to withstand harsh weather and cold seasons. But, taking this extra precaution will keep the floating dock system in great shape.

Regularly Inspect Docks before Setting it Back
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Final Thoughts

Pre-built jet ski docks are easier to install on your own and they are more affordable than custom docks that need to be built by professionals. Order a customized plastic jet ski floating dock from Hisea Dock today and follow the instructions above to easily install it on your property and have fun driving your jet skis all day.

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