Completion of Shandong Qingdao International Marina Project - Hiseadock

Completion of Shandong Qingdao International Marina Project



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Completion of Shandong Qingdao International Marina Project

The city of Qingdao in China’s Shandong Province is renowned for its stunning coastline, crystal clear waters and bustling harbour. The Qingdao International Terminal project in Shandong Province, built by Hiseadock, has been completed.

The completion of this major project will mean an influx of tourists,it will provide to the local economy.

Yachts moored at the marina are mainly used for tourism, recreation or full boat charter operations.

With the rapid development of marina construction in recent years, and people have gained a better understanding of the construction and operation of marinas

Aerial view of the yacht marina

The completion of Qingdao Marina coincides with China’s Golden Week of May Day tourism and the booming global yachting industry. The marina’s state-of-the-art facilities and unique location have attracted tourists and yachties from all over the world, making it an important addition to Qingdao’s tourism offer.

The project was undertaken by Zhejiang Hisea Plastics Co., Ltd, a float manufacturer covering design, production, installation and after-sales systems, providing customers with “full chain” solutions.

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