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Design Brief For The Marina



An overview of the marina’s design:

1.Choosing a yacht base location

        yacht base is a unique port function area that gives yachts out-of-harbour protection, in-harbour mooring, and comprehensive on-shore services. These services include marina services, on-land management and operation (including yacht clubs), water facilities, protection facilities, mooring facilities, on- and off-shore facilities, and facilities for yachts’ on-land custodianship. A marina within a yacht base needs a smooth harbor. In order to meet the entire requirements of smooth, this necessitates controlling wave incidence while also controlling wave reflection in the harbor.

2.General layout

        the layout in general Yacht docks differ from other types of wharfs in terms of berth arrangement, berthing mode, and dock structural design. From the choice of design standards to data analysis, corresponding boat statistics are different from those for other types of boats and should be chosen to match the specific design specifications of the marina.Yachts are often recreational and sporting boats that can be divided into tiny sampans, motor sailboats, and motor launches based on their distinct propulsion systems. Collection of vessels to be berthed at the marina and statistical study of technical variables (such as length, width, draught, etc.) that are closely related to the marina design.

3.Water works

        float height :The upper surface of the floating body trestle should be 0.3 to 0.5 meters higher above the water’s surface. The movable drawbridge’s design slope should be appropriate for operation, often not steeper than 1:4, and require anti-skid treatment. The slope of the steel drawbridge can be adequately steepened if it has moveable steps.

4.Yacht base management and operation amenities

      (1) Personal and yacht safety should be ensured while permitting the management of mooring facilities and application of the concept of reasonable determination in the management and operation of facilities of this type and size.

      (2)Management and operation facilities include safety management facilities and yacht club (operation of integrated facilities). Safety management facilities General consideration should be given to configure the base yacht can convey the weather, wave forecast information service equipment; equipped with the base yacht contact wireless communication equipment; equipped with the base yacht to provide water rescue, rescue facilities (such as lifeboats, diving gear, etc.); the establishment of safe navigation in and out of the port traffic control system; in the mouth of the gate, routes and yachts outside of the harbour to set up necessary navigational aid lighthouses and water The yacht clubs are generally required to have the following three types of facilities. Yacht clubs are generally required to have the following three types of functions:

       the basic amenities of the yacht base and management of users;

the convenience function for users;

      other convenience function for users.

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