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Floats by Hisea Dock on delivery



Floats by Hisea Dock on delivery.

Water pontoons are a new type of environmentally friendly water supplies, which can be used to construct water pontoon docks, marinas, water platforms, water pontoons and various other water projects.

During the “May Day” holiday, the tourism consumption market was booming, leading to a rapid recovery in service consumption and an obvious release of consumption potential.

With the increase in orders, the floats are also being urgently boxed and shipped. Haisheng floats are exported all over the world and are trusted by consumers.

With excellent product quality and good use experience, Hisea Dock have won the trust and praise of many customers all over the world, from Australia, Spain, Norway, Denmark, to Hawaii, India, Korea, Japan ……

With the east wind of science and technology innovation, Hisea takes “integrity and win-win, innovation and advancement” as its corporate philosophy, and is determined to build a float brand with advanced technology, excellent quality and perfect service!

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