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How a marina can be profitable



Investment in the construction of marinas should pay attention to the business model and operational risk control. The first is the business model, the business model should be a guarantee of profitability, and should be replicable. The second is the risk, including the legality of the project, scientific and engineering reliability, which is the primary consideration of the project.

Regarding the profit model, the positioning of the project is the first priority, whether to do high-end industry or to enter the low-priced market? Due to the development of the tourism industry, the consumer base is very large, the yacht rental fee is the largest part of the marina’s income. How to catch the eye of consumers and attract tourists is a question that project operators need to consider. Secondly, the hosting of commercial activities is also a direction that the project can consider developing. Thirdly, yacht tourism as the main form, such as diving, sea fishing, sailing and other richer and more distinctive recreational facilities, can also become the main content to support yacht consumption. Fourthly, a series of co-operation can be carried out with peripheral industries, such as hotels, yacht clubs, sailing harbour platforms, etc. Some extensions can be made from the business model to hold a series of activities, such as cocktail parties, banquets, catering activities, and so on, and then extend them to exhibitions and forums.

Investment in a yacht harbour, will certainly face the problem of what to rely on to make money, that is, the profit model, but also around the operational programme, you can form a circle around the consumption of boats, the development of loyal customers, including training, water sports, commonly used accessories malls, etc. Extended out of the industry chain, from the refinement of the business and profitability model or enrichment of the content to support the long-term development. The operator of the marina can increase the facilities and management, increase the marina facilities and management can increase the marina’s usage rate and docking fees, also can provide more services to increase revenue. In foreign countries, this is usually combined with tourism and sports, and these two segments are closely integrated to form a leisure lifestyle and achieve normalisation.

Finally, the management of the marina is also crucial. A good operator must be a good manager. Without management, the supporting marina can seldom play a real role.

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