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Hisea Dock is a proud floating dock systems manufacturer for more than ten years. The company is known to make floating docks with a combination of top-quality materials and more than a decade of research and development. The floating docks for sale are highly durable, environmentally-friendly, easy to install and come with excellent design. In addition, they have a great floating capability that allows them to stay above water, regardless of the water level and movement. You can also check out our floating dock buying guide to get more information.

As one of the leading floating dock suppliers in China, Hisea Dock offers floating docks for sale with complete customization, including the construction, color, shape, size, height, and more. What’s more, it also supplies floating bridges and other applications. All of Hisea Dock’s floating dock systems can be used in residential, commercial, and recreational facility docks.

HiSea Floating Dock in Action

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Floating Docks by Shoreline

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Floating Jetty System

Customize Your Floating Dock

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You can select the size of your railings, decks and levels, and other features of your floating docks.

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You can choose what color you want for your floating docks that will complement your property.

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Floating docks come in different shapes and it’s completely up to you what you want for your docks.

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We can customize the height of your docking system to integrate the space where you will put it.

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Any specifications

If you have specific requirements, we will readily accommodate to offer you the most ideal docking system.

Floating Dock Advantages

1.Flexible on-water installation

A floating pier can be flexibly installed in any desired location on water, and doesn’t necessarily impede access from the beach itself. Because a floating dock increases space usage, more boats and other watercrafts can be accommodated at the beach.

2.Super floating capability

A floating jetty is very adaptable to water levels and general movement, always able to stay above the water line, not submerged. A floating dock’s super floating capacity makes it a reliable substitute for a fixed dock.

3.More options for customization

A floating wharf allows you many different size and shape options.You’re free to choose how many platforms to put together to make your floating dock perfect for your needs and space.

Floating dock for sale in blue and yellow on the sea

Installation Guide

If you're wondering how to build a floating dock, follow this guide and you can put together a floating dock system yourself in less than a day.

6 step

Put the numbered pontoons together in order.

Close-up of a floaitng dock

Make up a square meter with four pontoons.

floatign work platform installation

Insert a short pin into the hole in the center.

floating dock installation

Fasten the short pin with a spanner.

A man is installing floating dock

Reinforce the connection with a short screw.

floating dock installation

Fasten the short screws, and your floating dock is ready for use.

Floating dock installation

Successful Projects

  • Floating docks and floating bridge on the sea

    Floating Dock in Suzhou

    Floating Dock in Suzhou

  • Boats docked at the dock

    Reservoir in Shanxi

    Reservoir in Shanxi

  • Round Times Square in Suzhou with floating dock on the lake

    Round Times Square in Suzhou

    Round Times Square in Suzhou

Customize a Floating Dock that Works Best for You.

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