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Hisea Dock is a reputable plastic floating pontoons manufacturer in China. Its floating docks are made from polyethylene construction, guaranteeing durability and safety to the environment. They come in stylish and innovative designs, making them easy to install and maintenance-free for a long time.

Being in the industry for more than ten years, Hisea Dock offers residential floating docks that are suitable for different watercraft. These include canoes, kayaks, sailboats, pontoon boats, catamarans, and more. They are highly customizable, including size, shape, height, color, and more. 

HiSea Residential Floating Dock in Action

residential floating dock

Residential Dock on Lake

residential floating dock

Residential Dock on River

Customize Residential Floating Dock

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You can request any size for your residential boat dock.

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You can freely choose which color you want for your residential dock.

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We will let you pick what shape you want for your residential dock.

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We can adjust the height of your residential floating dock to any length.

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Any Specifications

We can cater to any adjustments you want to be done on your floating dock.

Customize a Floating Dock that Works Best for You.

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