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Best 5 Floating Dock For Lakes



Floating docks must be sturdy, easy to use, and have a simple yet innovative design. High-quality floating docks allow you to paddle and slide easily on the water. A floating dock anchors the kayaks so that they remain stable, and that there is no unnecessary movement that may cause an accident. As floating dock systems manufacturers, we believe floating docks are ideal when they meet the needs of everyone, whether they are personal, commercial, or recreational.

The months of June, July, and August are incomplete without a view of a dock. A picture of a sailing marina or a kid walking down a dock holding a fishing pole in hopes of catching a big fish can bring a smile to anyone. Lakeside cottages have floating docks, inviting people into the water. The marinas are jam-packed with boats – both at the main dock and at finger docks.

If your property has a waterfront, you are considering building a dock. Or maybe you want to learn more about lake docks? Here is a list of the best floating docks for lakes to make it easy for first-time dock buyers and DIY enthusiasts to find the jetty of their dreams. 

Best 5 Floating Dock For Lakes

Piling Docks

Piling Deck
Source – Hisea Dock

Structures built with wood, concrete, or steel pilings for support, are known as piling docks. At a depth of three times their width, the piles go deep into the ground. A steel framework supports the walkover of the jetty, which is covered in wood, concrete, or composite decking after the piling foundation is complete. If you prefer DIY, our guide to building a floating dock on a pond  will do the trick for you.

Experts recommend preventing wood rot by covering the wooden pilings with wraps or chemicals. Also, layering a cap on top of the wood grain can protect it from possible damage.

Pipe Docks

Pipe Dock
Source – Hisea Dock

Unlike piling docks, pipe docks tend to be less permanent. They are made from aluminum piping, which rests on the bottom sediments of the lake. You can build pipe docks in several shapes: straight, L-shaped, T-shaped, and U-shaped.

Shallow water is the best place for pipe docks. Various sources recommend using pipe docks in waters at least 8 feet (2.44 meters) deep; however, others caution against installing pipe docks in waters deeper than the dock can support. Reliable floating bridges are a better option if you do not have the equipment for underwater construction. As the pipe dock is a floating dock, it would be preferred if the lake bottom were even and firm. It is relatively easy to construct your pipe dock. 

‘Actual’ Floating Docks

Floating Dock
Source – Hisea Dock

The floating dock is suitable for all shorelines and lake sediment types; the dock rises and falls with the water level, and is less expensive than a permanent dock. Docks that float are what their name implies – ‘Floating Docks’. It can be either a floating framework sitting atop floating barrels or modular floating pieces.

Boaters who are handy with DIY can build floating docks themselves. Check out dock accessories and tools you can use to enhance your floating dock. As an alternative, you can use the long quad float to give desired shape to your floating dock.

Lift-Up Docks

Lift up dock
Source – Hisea Dock

Elevating docks are like one-sided drawbridges, also called articulating docks. A drawbridge lifts the dock out of the water during the winter months. If local ordinances and winter conditions prevent docks from remaining in the water, this feature can be extremely useful. Climate is just one factor, setting a floating doc comes with challenges. Here are the common plastic floating dock problems and ways to fix them.

 If you are considering installing a dock of this kind, we recommend exploring local manufacturers. Summer months are a perfect time to hide away the cables and gantries used to lift the jetty. Once winter arrives, you can raise them again. 

Crib Docks

Crib Dock
Source – Hisea Dock

Another type of dock structure is a Crib dock, which is relatively expensive. Named for its large cribs in the water, which resemble crates. They are positioned a few feet apart from each other and filled with rocks. Dock’s foundations stabilize the plastic floating docks to lay the rest of its material on top. Typically, you will find these dock styles supporting huge boathouses. 

The construction of crib docks requires a contractor, so even though they don’t always support an entire structure, they’re still labor-intensive.

Installing Your Own Dock? Here’s What To Consider

Law And Ordinances

You will need to obtain permission for any building project. Research the requirements in your city, county, and state for dock installation before you begin building your dream dock.

Lake Bottom Sedimentation

If you intend to build a dock in a body of water, be sure you know what the bottom is like. Does it have a sandy bottom, rocky or loamy bottom? Your dock choice will depend on the bottom.


Get a clear idea about your shoreline. Is the water deep right at the shore? If so, how deep is it? Does it have rocks, sand, or grass in it?

Water Levels And Currents

Lake docks are not subject to change in tides as docks on the ocean are, but the movement of water is still an important factor. Some lakes go through manual draining from time to time, leading to changes in water level. Be aware of this, or consider these floating docks for fluctuating water.


Thus, you have everything you need to get your search for a lake dock off to a good start. There are so many dock accessories you can add like life rings, ladders, lights, cleats, fenders, boat bumpers, and more! 

What other ideas do you have? Have a look at these dock customization ideas. To design your own floating dock paradise, you will need expert guidance, a wealth of maintenance advice as well as step-by-step instructions. In case you run into trouble, get in touch with us immediately, and we will help you find a solution for all your needs.

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