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Best Kayak For Rough Water



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In the past years, kayaking has become a more and more popular activity amongst those who are into water sports. Most people get their start in mild or lakes rivers; they tend to choose those places that do not come with severe water currents. And many people want to venture through the rapid waves or on the open sea. Without a doubt, when you go to the ocean, you must have some experience in your arsenal before you go and start to deal with the winds, currents, and waves.

There is a rough water kayak along with those that are also suitable for calm waters. They all are equipped with different characteristics, depending on how and where you want to use them. Experience level and water conditions play a highly essential role when it comes to choosing a kayak. There are tandem and single kayaks. Some are inflatable, sit-on-top, and many more. Many kayaks are the best choice for beginners, whereas some are designed for experienced people or extended expeditions. 

If you are looking for a rough water kayak, it means you are an expert. This post has listed some of the tips that can help you to choose the kayak for rough waters.

Places To Use Kayak

Boats are not made in categories based on the water type, but it is still essential to initiate here and think about the environment you want to go to before choosing your kayak. Following are the places where you can use a kayak.


Know that we are talking about the local Lake here but not Lake superior. If the weather is normal and the destination is not far from your house, you can go with any traditional sit-on-top or recreational sit-in kayak and enjoy the waters. If whitecaps happen to appear, then a recreational boat can be overmatched.


Kayak on coast
Source: Hiseadock

It is a place where the winds, currents, waves, and tides are accessible. Having a sit-in touring boat equipped with a rudder, skeg, or fixed tracking is a good idea. If you are in a place where the environment is warm, and you do not mind swimming or want to do some kayak surfing, you should choose a sit-on-top kayak.


It does not refer to the technical rapids. If you are floating on water, you should have a stable, sturdy craft that can turn quickly. That might be a stable, short recreational sit-on-top or sit-in boat, or you can also go for the day touring sit-in kayak.

Different Types Of Kayaks

There are various types of kayaks classified in multiple ways, including where you will be sitting and how you use them, and their structure. Let us look at different types of kayaks.


These are primarily recreational boats made for lakes and rivers with effortless flow. You will see them in warm and coastal waters, and some longer-sit-on-top kayaks come with sufficient storage for an overnight trip. If you feel claustrophobic in a cockpit or do not want to learn about wet exits, you should choose sit-on-top. 

Considerations when choosing sit-on-top:

  • These are easy to get mounted on and off, so they are ideal for casual uses such as playing around the lakeside cabin.
  • Comfortable when water and air are warm.
  • Self-draining thanks to the scupper holes.
  • They come with deck stash spots and hard-to-access cargo space.

Sit-In Kayaks

Sit-in kayak
Source: Hiseadock

These are recreational boats and are best for day touring. They are durable, move fast, track straight, and can cover the cargo compartments. It makes them suitable for paddling to a destination. These kayaks are suitable for the rough waters as the user will get in the water, which makes them firm in the place, and there are no risks of falling or slipping away due to the rough water waves. 


  • Comfortable on cool waters
  • You can add a spray skirt with the help of a bilge pump. You will have to learn how to do a wet exit.
  • The body and multiple of the body will be in the boat that offers greater control, making it suitable for rough waters best for fun.
  • They are more efficient than the latter.

Kayaks That You Can Choose

You should go for kayaks that you can control with ease. Kayaks having shorter bodies and flatter hulls are the easiest to control. You can go for playboats, freestyle boats, and creek boats but these require a sturdy and well-made floating kayak dock.

Boreal Design Baffin

Let us look at this kayak which is suitable for taller paddlers who have difficulty finding enough commodity and legroom. With this size, it is agile and nimble. The retractable skeg will let you have better-tracking performance and enhance the overall handling. 

Wilderness Systems Tempest

This kayak comes with bulkheads along with extra buoyancy and additional dry storage space. You will be getting a 300-pound capacity along with domed hatches and lots of tie-downs. This kayak is best for experienced boaters as it comes with unmatched speed, maneuverability, and tracking performance.

Perception Carolina

If you are looking for kayaks that can handle both rough waters and calm waves? If yes, you will love the Perception Carolina. It is a 14-foot sit-in kayak that is only 49 pounds and is a more manageable option. The great thing about it is that it is suitable for beginners and intermediates alike.

Pelican Sprint

Kayaks That You Can Use
Source: Hiseadock

If you are looking for some adventurous sea fun, it is the best kayak that you can choose and face the rough challenges of the sea. The deep V chine hull enhances the stability while ensuring responsiveness and a good return on effort. It is suitable for intermediate paddlers, and they can use it to improve their skills even more and become more efficient and confident in their paddling.


There are countless options accessible to choose from, and it is not easy to make an appropriate choice. But do not fret. The above writing will help you out in selecting the best kayak for rough water. These are durable and can withstand the severe ocean beautifully. Make sure to take the above considerations in mind and choose the one appropriate for your work. 

Get in touch with us for custom docks that suit your kayak’s build.

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