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Best 7 Floating Dock Manufacturers in China

June 22, 2020
A Floating Wood-Decked Dock
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China is very aggressive when it comes to international trade. They have grown over the last five decades to become a leader in global trade. Their shipping industry has not lagged behind either. With over a billion people, China, on its own, has a massive market for docks.

The Chinese economy runs mostly on manufacturing. Factor in the years that the nation has been growing its manufacturing capacity and you have yourself a giant. Chinese dock builders are at par with other top dock builders, the companies flying this flag high include the following.


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Guangzhou Deli Dock Marina Engineering Co. Ltd

The Guangzhou based manufacturer was founded in 1998, becoming one of the very first dock makers to be registered in the region. They focus mainly on floating docks, yacht marinas, floating walkways, platforms, and floating houses.

On top of manufacturing, Deli Docks also offer other services, including consultations for many yacht clubs based in Guangzhou. According to their last annual report, they have delivered over 90 floating walkways, 500 marinas, and over 50,000 berths.

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Hiseadock is the most accomplished floating dock builder in China. Their use of technology to create top of the range products is unmatched anywhere else in the industry. Their primary focus is on plastic-based products that range from floating docks, platforms, bridges, walkways, gangways, etc. Some of the best floating docks you will come across are products of Hiseadock.

Hiseadock is based in Shuangpu, a village in Huangyan, a larger part of Zhejiang Province in East China. Hiseadock supplies customized waterfront solutions to domestic markets and foreign countries.

Livart Marine

Livart Marine is a company that specializes in the provision of premium floating dock consultation services. They also manufacture floating docks, aluminum gangways and pontoons, and concrete pontoons.

Their services are not limited to oceans and seas, they also do residential floating docks on lakes and rivers inside China.

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Leeboat Company Logo

China Leeboat Manufacturing Limited

Better known as Leeboat, the company manufactures inflatable boats, aluminum and fiberglass boats as well as plastic boats. On top of that, they also deal with modular floating dock systems. These dock systems can function as dry docks, barges, and personal watercraft (PWC).

Other applications include floating docks, containment booms, floating bridges, and drive-on boat lifts.

Qingdao Runhang Marine Supplies Co., Ltd

Runhang Marine Supplies is among the most prominent manufacturers of pontoons, fenders, and inflatable marine airbags. Inflatable marine airbags are used in the launching of huge ships into the sea from their shipyards.

The company has been around since 1996 and has had impressive annual sales over the years.

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Pontoon China Logo

Pontoon China

Another big manufacturer of floating dock systems. Established in 2000, Pontoon China makes docks for commercial and residential clients all over China. The factory sits on an area of about 48,000 square meters and handles both the manufacturing and the installation of floating docks.

CCME Shipper

China Century Marine Equipment Company, CCME is a manufacturer with a very varied catalog. They mainly specialize in the building of shipping equipment for freight companies in China.  They have a department that deals with the manufacture of marine mooring equipment. 

Under this department, they have a division that makes floating pontoons, platforms, fenders, and aluminum floating docks for marinas.

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The level of convenience afforded by being in the same area as a dock manufacturer is underrated. There is always the option of importing your materials from abroad, but if you are in China, there is no need for that. When the best dock builders are concentrated in one place that translates to healthy competition, and that benefits you.

Hiseadock goes a step further than merely churning out products. We first try to understand your needs then design products adequately fit into your vision. Never hesitate to pay a visit to our website where you will get all the help you need.

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