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How Much Does a Floating Platform Cost?

April 20, 2020
modular floating platform
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A floating system is classified as one of the essential elements of waterfront development. A modern floating solution can be in the form of many things –a service hub for boaters, resting place for swimmers, parking for boats and personal watercraft, activity platform, floating farm, as well as a floating dock for marine repairs and offshore constructions.

Nevertheless, not all floating platforms work, benefit, and cost all the same because of material compositions and construction type. Please keep reading to know how much does a floating platform cost based on materials and construction.

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Costs of Floating Dock Based on Material

A floating platform typically costs in the range of $15 to $35 per square footage, hence the total outlay of your project will depend on what waterfront solution you should buy. Let’s focus first on the possible expenditures of your desired floating solution based on different material compositions.

Wooden Floating Platform


A floating wooden platform offers a classic natural aesthetic that everyone loves. Waterfront solutions are typically made of wood because it is durable and has a natural buoyancy. However, different types of wood can be costly and may not be easy to install by yourself.

For example, a cedar wood material can cost $4 to $8 per square foot. Pinewood can be from $5 to $12, while redwood costs $5 up to $14 per square footage. But if you prefer hardwoods like camaru, ipe, or tigerwood, then better prep your wallet for a $15 to $25 cost per square foot.

A wooden lack dock with chairs
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aluminum floating dock
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Aluminum Floating Platform

You can also have a floating platform that is made from aluminum material. It is typically used in offshore and marine constructions due to its durability and resilience, yet being lightweight at the same time. However, they are prone to corrosion; hence an aluminum floating platform may rust over time. Aluminum materials can cost from $8 to $15 per square foot.

Concrete Floating Platform

Concrete floating platforms are widely used in the marine industry. They are also in demand in the residential market since they do not require keen maintenance. On the other hand, concrete platforms are complicated to connect and anchor, plus they can be corrosive under saltwater.

If you wish to build a concrete floating platform, then expect to blow your budget on 20% to 50%, or even more compared to what a wooden platform costs. They can cost from $150 up to $300 per linear foot but fret not –even if the amount is too pricey, their worth pays off in the end since they can last for more than 50 years.

concrete floating platform
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Cost of Floating Platform Based on Construction

Although construction costs typically include the labor and project expenditures, there are floating platforms that you can build yourself using kits and packages.

DIY floating dock
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DIY Floating Platform

You can search for plenty of tutorials on Youtube and other social media platforms, indicating easy ways how to build and install DIY floating platforms costing $100 up to $200 only! What’s fun in making a do-it-yourself waterfront project is you get to choose your materials and construct it just the way you want it to be.

Inflatable Floating Platform

Inflatable floating platforms are usually used in recreational water activities and do not need laborious assembly since they only need to be inflated to float on the water. The prices of each depend on the size and quality of the floating platform. For instance, you can buy a $20 4x4ft pool floating platform, while a stable 7x7ft inflatable floating platform that is ideal for swimming, fishing, or lounging can cost a whopping $899.

inflatable floating platform
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jet ski dock
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Modular Plastic Floating Platform

Nowadays, if you prefer floating platforms that are both durable and affordable, then the best choice for you is plastic pontoons. They are ideal for a range of applications, including jet skiing, cage fish farming, and more. These modular floating platforms are usually sold in a kit or package that only costs $4 up to $10 per square footage. You can easily assemble them yourself so you only have to pay for buying the kit.

Additional Costs

Your money spending on your floating solution does not end in merely buying materials. Check out below the other cost factors you need to consider:

Permits for Construction

You should know that before jumping in a floating platform installation, a permit should be applied initially. Building permits and their costs depend on your city and state. For example, prefab floating platforms in Florida can be as low as $1000. Still, they can go high as $50,000 to $75,000 depending on the quality, difficulty in installation, water depth, climate, and other possible factors.

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Transportation Costs

The freight costs should also be included in your list of possible expenses for your waterfront project. Although some manufacturers may offer a free charge for transporting your requested materials.

Labor Costs

For floating platform customization, labor costs are commonly included in the materials’ quotations per square footage or per square linear. Be prepared to pay more if you want any additions on your platform like in-built seating, extensions, and more.

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wooden dock maintenance
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Maintenance Costs

Last but not least, you should also prepare for the maintenance cost of your chosen type platform to avoid spoilage and accidents. For example, floating wooden platforms need to have regular staining, sanding, and sealing to prevent rotting. Aluminum and concrete floating platforms need to be checked frequently to prevent corrosion build-up.


Getting a floating solution for your waterfront property may be costly, but you will get your money’s worth for it in all the good times you spend enjoying the views and water activities.  Read our floating docks buying guide to help you choose the best for your needs. Also, take a look at some fun applications for floating platforms. Do you have any additional costs in mind that you think should be highlighted? Please type in your comments and suggestions in the comment section below.

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