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Top 7 Floating Dock Manufacturers in India

June 22, 2020
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India has an impressive coastline that is over 4500 miles long. That and other inland water sources provide ample enough demand for docks. India has a big shipping industry that is supported by its vast population and is home to some big floating dock manufacturers.

The Indian residential dock market is as big as the commercial one, and it has been growing steadily over the years. Indian dock manufacturers can comfortably go head to head with other top companies in the world. The following are seven floating dock builders from India who can be considered to be the cream of the crop.

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Baroda Polyform Private Limited

The Gujarat based company was founded 25 years ago, and it has grown to expand its portfolio from manufacture to exporter. They mainly create domestic equipment like water tanks, super vats, and containers to industrial chemical tanks and silos. On top of that, they mold plastic-based docks of all types.

Their pontoons and jet ski docks are among their best selling products both locally and globally.



Incodock has slowly established itself as a significant player in the dock industry. They are involved in the manufacture of commercial and residential docks. Incodock boasts of a broad portfolio that includes floating docks, floating bridges and walkways, floating stages, and floating helipads.

They also offer management services for domestic dock owners. They do this through the provision of consultations and expert advice to their clientele. Some of the industries they serve include aquaculture, marine industry, hospitality, industrial construction and aerospace, and defense.


You cannot discuss dock manufacturers without mentioning Hiseadock. They are, without doubt, the leading manufacturers of plastic-based docks and their accessories. They have a growing market all over the world, and they export to almost every continent.

Their product catalog includes floating docks, kayak docks, marine docks, swim platforms, rowing docks, floating bridges, and walkways, among others.

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Calcutta Boat

Calcutta Boats is a sports boat manufacturer based in Calcutta, India. The company has been in the shipping industry for over 40 years with a sharp focus on the manufacture of small boats and jet skis. They later expanded into the production of dock material with the construction of marinas and floating jetties.

Vari Pontoons

Vari Ponttons has been involved in the manufacturer of floating systems since its inception in 2017. Although they have been around for three years only, they have experienced experts among their ranks who are driving the growth.

They manufacture floating helipads, pipelines, floating walkways and restaurants, floating barges, jetties and docks and pontoons. The company is located in Maharashtra, India, and pontoons are their best selling products.


SRR Aqua Suppliers

The company was established in 2013 and is headquartered in Hyderabad, India. They mostly supply within India but are steadily expanding as the demand for docks rises. Their catalog features products like floating docks and floating jetties.

They also manufacture floating aquaculture ponds and fish cages. SRR Aqua Suppliers also doubles up as a shipping company that exports to other parts of the world.

Hardik Poly Containers Private Limited

Based in Mumbai, Hardik Polly is involved in so many things, aside from the manufacture of docks and dock accessories. They manufacture lubricants, farm chemicals, and PET bottles. They have an Aqua division that deals with the manufacture of dock related products.

Their catalog has pontoon floaters and floating jetties.

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India is the second-most populous nation on earth. This is a potential market for all the dock manufacturers that operate in the Asian country. Competition is always high, But this also works in their favor. It forces them to innovate and come up with new solutions continuously.

If you are in India and have any plans to set up a dock on your property, do not waste any more time. Visit any of the mentioned manufactures and get the ball rolling.

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