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How do you install your own floating dock?

January 07, 2020

Currently, a large proportion of modern floating docks can be installed simply and quickly by their owners with no particular experience. Modular solutions, whether docks, floating platforms, or boat lifts, are designed to be easy to install by a non-professional. Their modular design means it is equally easy to change their configuration, carry or repairs, or enlarge the floating docks.

Procedure of assembling floating cube docks

The modular design makes the dock particularly light and hugely simplifies maintenance. Furthermore, installation instructions and the necessary tools are generally provided on delivery. Docks for “private usage” often have anchors that are easy to install. They can generally be fitted without calling in a professional. The modular design of modern docks also makes them easy to maintain, and repair as necessary. It is very easy to replace any damaged components yourself. Modular docks are, in fact, exceptionally resistant. Finally, let’s emphasize that manufacturers generally do everything they can to ensure that the design of spare parts varies as little as possible over time. The majority of suppliers are thus able to guarantee stock and spare parts availability over several years, along with very long-term support.

Boats docked alongside a plastic drive-on boat dock

If you are looking for certain autonomy of installation, we recommend that you opt for a modular dock and, if necessary, bring in assistance when fitting complex anchoring.

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