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Top 8 Pontoon Boat Manufacturers in the World



There is no denying that buying a pontoon boat is a big budget decision, so you definitely want one that ticks all your requirements. But making the decision on the option to buy can be demanding as the pontoon boat market is growing rapidly, with a value of US$2.31 billion in 2022 to a predictable value of US$3.93 billion by 2028. 

However, you don’t have to worry as we’ve gone through the stress of exploring all the various options, and have streamlined them into a list of the top pontoon boat brands across the world. And you will also get the best solution for pontoon boat storage.

Pontoon Boat in the Sea

List of the Best 8 Pontoon Boat Manufacturers in the World

Listed below are the best brands of pontoon boats in the world. This list was collated after examining their production process, effectiveness, after-sale services, and customers’ remarks.

  1. Godfrey
  2. Manitou
  3. SunChaser
  4. Harris
  5. Aqua Dock
  6. Jeanneau
  7. Bennington
  8. Sun Tracker

1. Godfrey

Type of Business: Pontoon Boats & Tritoon Boats Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): 4500 Middlebury St, Elkhart, Indiana, 46516, United States

Year Founded: 1958

Over the years, Godfrey has made a name for itself as the best pontoon boat brand by including family on a budget in their plans. The company builds affordable boats that are simple, functional, practical, and have top-of-the-class features just like other boats.

Their pontoon boats are designed to have enlarged saddle brackets and tubes, allowing stable rides in rough waters. They have concave-shaped spray rails that direct water away from the boat’s interior, ensuring that everyone is dry, comfortable, and enjoying the ride. Also, Godfrey pontoons come with sealed transoms that guarantee many years of service, with a lifetime warranty plan.

Godfrey Pontoon Boats Logo

2. Manitou

Type of Business: Pontoon Boats Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): 16020 S Lowell Rd, Lansing, MI 48906, United States

Year Founded: 1985

Manitou is a top pontoon boat manufacturer that offers high-end luxury, state-of-the-art features, and extremely high performance. The company stands out from other manufacturers for its use of premium technology in producing an advanced watercraft that can be used by avid fishermen, anglers, families, or friends. Manitou incorporates greater speed, stability, and safety.

Manitou Logo

In the spirit of finding a multi-purpose option, Manitou doesn’t falter. Its incredible features make it suitable for all functions, including sports.

3. SunChaser

Type of Business: Boat Builders

Location (Headquarters): 151 Old Hancock Rd Canyon Lake, TX, 78133-3530 United States

Year Founded: 1903

SunChaser has a reputation for supplying inexpensive pontoons while still delivering high performance, which is why the company is highly rated as one of the top pontoon boat brands. This manufacturer offers several models of pontoons and all of them don’t falter on excellent features.

At least in every model, you can expect a roomy deck with optimal seating capacity, under-seat storage, and a colorful lounge and changing room. All these features guarantee that you and your loved ones can remain in the water and have fun for a longer period.

SunChaser Logo

4. Harris

Type of Business: Pontoon Boat Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): 1111 N. Hadley Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804 (866) 434-0765, United States

Year Founded: 1967

This is a top pontoon boat manufacturer with numerous awards for excellent customer service, innovation, and quality construction of their boats. Harris started by building boats with wood and advanced to making high-tech, sleek pontoons that can accommodate a whole family.

Harris pontoon boats are designed to offer a variety of waterfront solutions, including an open floor plan with a big space to play, relax, and dine, which also makes getting in and out of the vessel safe and fuss-free.

Harris Logo

5. Aqua Dock

Type of Business: Modular Pontoon and Platform Systems Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Manor Farm House, Lower Lane, Kinsham, Gloucestershire GL20 8HT, United Kingdom

Year Founded: 2008

Aqua Dock is a notable name among the best pontoon boat brands in the world for providing 360-degree service. This includes producing the modules, storing the stock items, planning the design, doing the installation, and providing after-sales support.

This manufacturer offers various pontoon models at affordable prices for different solutions, like marinas, landing stages, dry docking for boats, swimming platforms, floating foundations for garden buildings, and pens for aqua-culture.

Aqua Dock Logo

6. Jeanneau

Type of Business: Boat Designer and Builder

Location (Headquarters): Les Herbiers, France

Year Founded: 1957

Jeanneau is one of the builders of the best brands of pontoon boats. The company designs and manufactures high-performance boats with exceptional seaworthy qualities. Created with beautiful lines and timeless style, these pontoon boats have clever layouts that allow you and your loved ones to enjoy every second spent on the sea.

This manufacturer’s mission is to enable you to discover the many pleasures of the sea, hence the provision of enough room for comfort. 

Jeanneau Logo

7. Bennington

Type of Business: Luxury Pontoon Boats Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): 2805 Decio Dr, Elkhart, Indiana, 46514, United States

Year Founded: 1997

As a leading manufacturer among the top pontoon boat brands, Bennington prides itself as the best luxury pontoon boat builder. The company is an expert in constructing boats with intricate parts, as well as innovative designs that are rare to find.

Bennington Logo

Bennington pontoon boats come with features like ergonomic lounges and helm seats, moisture, and mildew-resistant furniture, as well as electronics like iPod and phone ports to offer maximum comfort and convenience. Additionally, expert advice on boat maintenance and care is provided.

8. Sun Tracker

Type of Business: Pontoon Boats Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): 2500 E Kearney St, Springfield, Missouri, 65898, United States

Year Founded: 1983

Sun Tracker is focused on keeping costs low while maintaining high performance. The company utilizes quality control models, such as the Lean Six Sigma to ensure there is minimal waste and reduced costs. Being a small company, all pontoons are manufactured in-house. This further supports their vision to ensure quality and offer affordable prices.

Sun Tracker Logo

Producing the best brands of pontoon boats, Sun Tracker includes sophisticated features like custom seating made with marine-grade upholstery that prevents moisture, which ensure the seats look new even after years of use.

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Following the assessment of the list of the best pontoon boat brands in the world, you can now make an informed decision. 

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