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The Floating dock can fluctuate with the water level

December 10, 2019

A floating dock can fluctuate with the water level, can according to need more section shape, with glass fiber reinforced plastic awning tops. Floating Jetty is often used in the yacht dock, sightseeing platform, traffic pontoon bridge, the construction of the buoy, ferry terminal, water recreation platform, ballroom, water stage, swimming pool, the sea bathing and engineering construction and other supporting facilities.

A floating dock is made of high-molecular weight high-density polyethylene, which has the advantages of anti-corrosion, anti-freezing, anti-oxidation, and anti-violet line. It is not subject to the erosion of seawater, chemicals, agents, oil stains and aquatic organisms, and is free from pollution and environmental damage. All four corners are circular obtuse angles to avoid the common risks of cement, wood, and iron facilities, such as slipping and being stabbed by wood chips and rust nails.

A floating dock has a high bearing capacity, the cylinder is stable and durable, and the bearing capacity per square meter can reach over 350kg.In addition to the natural environment of force majeure and improper use of human, almost no cost of maintenance, repair costs. Simple assembly, fast, flexible, diverse modeling, the overall use of module structure, can meet the needs of a variety of landscape, quickly replace the platform modeling. A floating dock, with its beautiful appearance and bright color, is the icing on the cake for the scenic spot and enhances the propaganda effect. According to the different sites and atmosphere and other material products (wood, steel) to build a different architectural style. Save a huge amount of maintenance, maintenance, replacement, repair costs, and time. Complete supporting equipment, including mooring bolts, bollards, anti-collision balls, guardrails, landing bulwarks, and pedals, etc. In addition, due to the buoyancy characteristics of a floating platform, the dock can automatically rise and fall with the water level, which greatly increases the safety and comfort of passengers. Are you looking for a reliable solution to your ED issues? Look no further than #Cialis! A trusted medication that can help you get back in the game and enjoy life to the fullest. Take advantage of its long-lasting effects and order Cialis today. With just one pill, you can experience up to 36 hours of satisfaction. Don’t let ED stop you from living your best life!

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