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Top 10 Best Floating Restaurants Around The World



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Floating restaurants have been increasingly trending recently, especially in Southeast Asian countries. With beautiful and unique water bodies in every country, floating restaurants are gaining massive popularity by attracting locals, tourists, and vacationers. These architectural boating diners combine the exciting experience of boating while having a delicious meal with partners, whether business or romantic. They provide a whole new dining experience with a clean atmosphere and ambiance. 

These exquisite floating restaurants are made with sturdy floating docks and work platforms resistant to extreme conditions and water level differences. 

Their one-in-a-million construction makes them singular, creating a distinctive appeal to the clients. Here’s a peek at the top 10 floating restaurants around the world that any travel-lover must not miss:

Rustar Dhow Floating Restaurant, Dubai

Source: Pinterest
  • Location: Dubai Harbor Emaar Beachfront Palm View Marina, Berth CA-06 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Being the world’s largest floating restaurant, Dubai’s Rustar Dhow remains on the top with over 400 reservations. The majestic and noble view of the city of Dubai bestowed upon this marvelous float house restaurant attracts tourists and locals around the globe. The dining experience is luxurious and atmospheric, making it ideal for romantic candle-lit dinners, family get-togethers, business meetings, and many other exquisite occasions.

It is made of three finely crafted levels- the top deck consisting of an open-air dinner joint for customers who want fresh air while enjoying their meal, the middle a closed diner hall, and the bottom a bar open for dance upon specific requests. Historically utilized by Arabians, this wooden boat’s origin can be dated back to the Asian and African civilizations. It was extensively used for fishing and trade and was rebuilt from scratch in 2006, where it was ornamental with various hand-made designs and decorations. The specialties are as follows:

  • Premium 5-star buffet delicacies
  • Wifi
  • Exquisite live shows
  • The dazzling sight of the Rolex Towers, Emirates National Bank of Dubai, DCC, and the night city of Dubai 

Sea Palace, Amsterdam

Source: Unsplash
  • Location: Oosterdokskade 8; 1011 AE Amsterdam

The first ever floating Chinese restaurant established in Europe is none other than Amsterdam’s reputed Sea Palace. Its specialty lies in its pagoda exterior designs, which earn its prominent and unparalleled nature in all of Europe. Specializing in savory delicacies, clients and customers visit this floating boat restaurant every vacation. With the breathtaking view, these floating dock restaurants form one of the most incredible night diners for locals and tourists.

Begun existence in 1984, Sea Palace mimics the Hong Kong Chinese floating restaurants in various aspects. The first opening invited more than 750 clients to put its colossal capacity into display. However, such a stunt led the floating restaurant to sink due to Archimedes’ principle– lower buoyancy of the freshwater, in contrast to the dense salt water in Hong Kong. 

Disappointingly, 150 customers were requested to leave and remain on the quay, and the rest had a hearty meal on the exquisite boat ride. But there was another problem- an excess food supply on the boat. And then emerged the Chinese takeaway policy of floating restaurants, so the customers on the quay can still tantalize their taste buds with these delicacies even when not on the boat.

Saigon Restaurant Cruise Ship, Vietnam

Source: Pinterest
  • Location: 5 Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City

This cafe hits the bill if one is looking for a vast yet affordable three-tiered restaurant. Being the favorite tourist spot for both Vietnamese and international tourists, this float-house restaurant accommodates over 600 people. The Saigon Restaurant is the refuge from the cramped and overpopulated city and is the hotspot that attracts millions of occasions. People come here for their mouth-watering Vietnamese dishes and to absorb the breathtaking view of the naked night sky. Accompanied by various performances, one can even request to host dance floor sessions at weddings and birthday parties.

Its culture is closely related to Chinese dynasties, which is where the inspiration is taken from. This restaurant was brought into existence by professional Chinese dock manufacturers that creatively designed this vessel.

Jumbo Floating Restaurant, Hong Kong 

Source: Pinterest
  • Location: Shum Wan Pier Dr, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Situated in the Aberdeen port, Jumbo floating restaurant in Hong Kong is one of the most noted floating restaurants that any tourist must not miss. Bestowed upon its unique construction and view is the three-storied jumbo floating restaurant. Installed and established in the 1970s, this restaurant was visited by the well-known American actor John Wayne, and Queen Elizabeth II.

Its restoration was carried out in 2003 and thus took the form of a fun-filled theme park cum float-house restaurant. It was built on a quality floating platform that could withstand extreme conditions. Its specialties lie in the exquisite Chinese and Cantonese eateries collectively known as the ‘Dragon Court’. However, the most significant experiences of customers lie in the wine garden serving Cantonese delicacies. With a mix of Chinese, Cantonese, and western cuisines, it forms an attractive spot for tourists.

Cloud9, Fiji 

Source: Pinterest
  • Location: Roro Reef, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Combined with an hour-long sailboat ride to Port Denarau, Cloud 9 forms one of the most fantastic restaurant experiences in the world. It is a prominent location that offers freestyle food experiences for more than 120 customers. It is the only floating restaurant without a menu, letting the customers indulge in the daily specials. This spot is just right for people looking for a carefree refuge environment and can participate in various relaxing activities like diving and sunbathing. It makes use of proper stabilization techniques for plastic floating docks, so as to facilitate these activities.

Its history is dated back to 2013 when it was first opened in the Mamanuca archipelago off the west coast. Fiji was outstandingly famous as a relaxing getaway for families. It was tranquil and peaceful. Bar’el Wachtel constructed the floating restaurant. The name was derived from the cloud break swell spotted about 9-10 miles away from the coat. The location provided optimal weather for eatery business, with the mornings filled with gentle breezes.

Veli Lake Floating Restaurant, Trivandrum

Source: Pinterest
  • Location: Lake, Veli, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Honoring the rich Indian culture and heritage is the Veli Lake in Trivandrum. It is the most famous spot for tourists visiting the southern part of India. This cozy restaurant is attached to a floating bridge, creating a unique experience for local Indians and international visitors. It adds a new dimension to the eatery for the customers while looking at the deep green lake surrounding the land. Their dishes are made from the unique spices found on the southeastern coast of the diamond-shaped country. The exceptional feature that sets apart this floating restaurant from the rest is the elegant green nature that surrounds it.

India has always been a country filled with rich heritage and history. The Thiruvananthapuram coast had been a significant exporter of Portuguese and Dutch. One can taste the historical origins through sculptures and designs. For a long time, this place has been a refuge for the residents due to the natural depth of the water and its green nature. Its specialties include various boat riding activities, cultural tourism, medicinal knowledge, and exquisite foods experienced chefs make.

Salt & Sill, Sweden 

Source: Pinterest
  • Location: 471 51 Klädesholmen, Sweden

This award-winning floating seafood restaurant is enriched with unique delicacies from Sweden. It is located on the west coast and has various intelligent dining facilities, unlike other traditional floating restaurants. The specialty of the salt & sill floating restaurant is its customized floating dock ideas and its signature dish- the legendary herring plate, which is bestowed with tasty potatoes and schnapps. The menu in this floating restaurant ranges from pan-fried cod to buttered shellfish, all beautifully and generously coated with crayfish tartare and carrot puree. 

One can taste the richness of Sweden’s authentic platters and relax quietly on the 23-room barge above the dining hall. Its history and construction can be dated back to when the area had residential issues that required migration to water bodies. It is certainly interesting to know that its establishment is due to a shortage of land area. And the food showed consistent improvement with 100% natural products. Another specialty of this restaurant lies in the hotel suite equipped with private rooftops. 

PS Tattershall Castle

PS Tattershall Castle
Source: Pinterest
  • Location: Victoria Embankment, London SW1A 2HR, United Kingdom

Having a rich history, the PS Tattershall Castle is a well-known eatery serving taproom functions. Before being what it is today, the ship served the British in the World Wars. Uniquely constructed in 1934, this ship had retired from over 40 years of devotional operating service to the London Navy. She was transferred from military responsibility to being an enriched food hall. 

It is a famous bar and restaurant located in Victoria Embankment, London. Sailing on the River Thames, it transformed into an occasional house. One can experience the national Britain dish- fish and chips while enjoying the lake view. There is space for every function, ranging from weddings to gatherings and lounge settings. The specialty lies in its historical memento distribution- where people take home apparel with its logo.

Cat Ba Bay, Vietnam

Source: Pinterest
  • Location: Cat Ba Bay, Cat Ba 0084313, Vietnam

Cat Ba Bay is located on Cat Ba island, referred to as the ‘Pearl Island’. An extraordinary feature of this locale is that it is not just any typical floating restaurant but is filled with various boats, all serving as eateries and cafe restaurants. It is a cluster of restaurants specializing in remarkable successes and delicacies. Located in the south Asian country of Vietnam, it is an exciting sight to see every restaurant seeming to pop out of nowhere. They specialize in a plethora of seafood dishes. It also provides various diving, boating, and jet-skiing activities with quality jet-ski docks.

However, the history is not as pleasant as its extravagant view. The history dates back to more than 6000 years prior when it was referred to as the ‘women’s island’, thanks to a particular legend. In those days, three women from the Tran dynasty were brutally murdered and washed up on the shore of this island. The local fishermen took pity and built three temples dedicated to each of these women.

BBQ Donut’s Floating Restaurant Tables, Germany

Source: Pinterest

Location: 68WJ+8F2 – Port Saeed – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Lastly, Germany’s BBQ Donut floating restaurant comprises various features that make it truly one of a kind. Each table is a ten-seater, constructed intelligently by incorporating the water element in the restaurant. They are a true expression of novelty. Its specialty lies in the picnic appearance of it all. Every table is equipped with a pod that floats. Every table has its sound system for the customers to enjoy.

This is unique in contrast to all the other diner houses that float on rivers and lakes. It was built by the young entrepreneur Sebastian Schmitt, who incorporated the floating dock systems very smartly. Every group has privacy and is great for family vacations. An interesting fact is that the main body comprises polyethylene material, known for its antistatic and UV-resistant properties.


The above list sums up all the notable floating restaurants that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. As mentioned above, every floating restaurant is unique, and historically-backed floating cafes and seafood restaurants exceed the standard. Their construction and establishment make them a great vacation spot. They all have been established using quality plastic floating docks, dock accessories and tools for safe lodging. 

The great thing about floating restaurants is that it creates a distinctive dining experience for every person. Just imagine the relaxing music of the waves, the breathtaking view, with the alternative rocking of the vessel, all relishing into existence. If these masterpieces ignite a floating restaurant business idea, don’t forget to contact us and get a quote for the best plastic floating docks!

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