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Hisea Dock is one of the most reliable floating dock systems suppliers in China. Its floating docks are engineered and designed to ensure safety, durability, and reliability. What’s more, Hisea Dock floating docks are environment-friendly and cost-efficient.

With more than a decade in operations, Hisea Dock is proud to offer stylish and effecting plastic lake floating docks. These docks are easy to use, safe, and completely reliable. Hisea Dock lake docks are suitable for residential, recreational, commercial, marina, pond dock and other applications. They are completely modifiable, such as color, shape, size, height, and other needed adjustments.

HiSea Floating Docks for Lake in Action

plastic lake floating docks

Lake Floating Dock with Fence

plastic lake floating docks for lakes

Lake Floating Platform

Customize Docks for Lake

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We can adjust the size of your floating lake dock to meet the size of your watercraft.

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You can choose any color you want for your lake floating dock system.

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You can pick any shape for your lake dock that will suit your watercraft.

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We can modify the height of your lake dock to fit it to where it will be installed.

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Any Specifications

If you require more customization, let us know and we will be happy to be of service!

Customize a Floating Dock that Works Best for You.

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