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Hisea Dock is one of the top floating docks suppliers in China. The company’s floating dock systems are made from a strong plastic material known as polyethylene. Therefore, these docks are environment-friendly, effective, and safe. With more than ten years of experience, Hisea Dock makes plastic pond floating docks that come in a state-of-the-art design. They are customizable to meet client needs, such as shape, size, color, height, etc. Hisea Dock floating docks are ideal for use as swimming platforms, storing PWCs, launching kayaks, and more.

HiSea Pond Floating Docks in Action

Floating dock for pond

Pond Floating Dock with Fence

Floating dock for pond

Floating Dock fro Ponds

Customize Floating Dock for Pond

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We can make your pond dock in any size that will suit its application.

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You can request any color you want for your pond deck.

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We can build pond floats to any shape as per your request.

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If you need more length, we can expand the height of your pond dock.

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Any Specifications

We cater to any customization your pond floating dock may need.

Find the Best Floating Pond Dock in Hisea

Hisea Dock, a leading manufacturer of floating dock systems in China, offers floating pond docks for sale.Our pond docks are extremely dependable, beautiful, easy to install, and, most importantly, environmentally friendly. These dependable plastic platforms are portable, require little maintenance, are environmentally friendly, and are simple to construct and remove using their pontoons.

Why Choose Hisea Floating Pond Dock Solutions?


We customize our pond docks based on the size, shape, color, height, and other specifications provided by the client.Simply provide us with your exact measurements, and we will turn your ideas into a reality. We also make it a point to utilize only the highest grade polymers available on the market.

Hisea Dock plastic floating docks for pond are dependable, environmentally safe, and simple to install, making them appropriate for both home and commercial usage.  Floating pond for dock are not only easier to build and maintain, but they also do not harm the seabed because they are not implanted at all.

Our pond docks are composed of a unique material that makes them more resistant to high water traffic. They are also secure and safe since they feature protective rails and non-slip surfaces.

Because our  floating pond dock materials can endure most climate variations, there is minimal need to alter them. The materials do not split, degrade, or require painting. Floating docks may be used in both saltwater and freshwater settings.

Customize a Floating Dock that Works Best for You.

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