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What Is A Floating Platform And How Is It Made?

June 22, 2020
A Floating Platform With A Lounge
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A floating platform is any marine structure that floats on water. There are countless advantages of having your own platform. Our primary focus here is on residential floating platforms that you can install on your waterfront property.

Most residential floating platforms are temporary structures that can be moved at any time. For this reason, they are constructed using plastic materials.

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Types of Floating Platforms

There are different types of domestic floating platforms that you can install on your property. They include the following;

A Floating Bridge Connecting Cabins on a Dock

Floating Bridges

Floating bridges are long structures that connect locations or structures that are separated by a body of water. They are cheap and you can have them customized to precise dimensions since they are made out of molded plastic.

A Floating Walkway

These are structures that line the waterfront and provide a foothold for movement. They can be attached to docks where they act as ramps that facilitate movement from and to the boat. With a floating walkway, you can avoid coming into contact with the water completely.

A Floating Walkway
Residential Floating Dock

Residential Floating Docks

When living next to a water body, finding ways to make most of a waterfront is a big driving force. A residential floating dock will remain above the water surface without interfering with anything that goes on beneath it. 

How To Make A Floating Platform

Making a DIY floating platform is not easy work, but it is not impossible. A simple residential floating dock is an example of a floating platform that can be built in the following steps.

Step 1: The Frame

Put together the mainframe according to the size of the dock you plan to have in the end. Make sure the site you choose for the construction is as close to the water as possible. This is to avoid having to drag the heavy platform too far once it is done.

A Wood Frame
Source: cdn.instructables.com
Floating Dock Frame Structure
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Step 2: Add Frame Support

Add cross-sectional planks of wood to make the frame sturdier. These will also form the anchorage for other materials like plastic drums or any floating material that you will choose to use.

Step 3: Add The Floaters

Floaters, in this case, refers to the buoyant material that will keep the whole structure afloat. They are mostly plastic. Position the barrels in the extreme ends of each corner and hold them in place. Enure they are closed tight to trap air inside for maximum buoyancy.

Floater Barrels
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A Flipped Incomplete Floating Dock
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Step 4: Flip the Whole Structure

Flip what you have created so far into the water. The barrels will be the only things in contact with the water making the structure float. Anchor it to the shoreline with a rope lest it floats away with the current.

Step 5: Deck It

Boat dock decking is the next step. Decking materials are varied You can use wood as it is cheap and readily available. Ensure the planks of wood are as close to each other.


DIY Floating Dock
Source: cdn.instructables.com
A Complete Floating Platform
Source: cdn.instructables.com

Step 6: Attach a Ramp

Create a boat dock ramp following the same steps. Then secure both structures to the shoreline using pilings or a simple rope tied to a stable anchor like a tree or rail.

With that, your floating dock is ready for use. Here is a video tutorial.


Floating platforms are the most efficient ways of reclaiming spaces from the sea; it has been used commercially with great success. It is not hard replicating that on the domestic front. Getting a floating platform for your property adds an aesthetic touch. If you’re looking for a modular, lightweight, durable floating platform, Then contact us today. Our catalog of waterfront solutions caters to all kinds of floating platforms, we can even customize platforms per your specific needs.

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