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12 Different Applications of Floating Platforms

April 20, 2020
floating platform
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A floating platform is a durable flotation device that has plenty of uses. It can be used in your pool for summer fun or in the lake when you feel about going fishing. But more than that, it can be handy for other commercial and industrial applications that target the food and beverage industry, entertainment industry, construction and marine trade, and petroleum market.

Check our list of various applications that highlight the beauty and competency of using floating platforms in different industries.

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floating swim platform
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Floating Bathing Platform

You can have more fun swimming in the pool, lake, or sea using floating platforms. With the ideal shape and proper accessories, you can use this as your stage, floaty to hang on, or as a resting spot whenever you want to relax your body from splashing into the water.

Floating Fishing Platform

Whether you fish for fun or food, fishing platforms are very beneficial because they are versatile. Anglers nowadays are fond of using inflatable floating platforms because they are handy. They use this while casting nets or lures while fishing on lakes or at seas.

An inflatable floating dock with two chairs
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The Float at Marina Bay
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Floating Stadium

Have you heard about the world’s largest football stadium? If not, then let us present to you The Float at Marina Bay in Singapore. The Lion City designed this multipurpose facility to be used from the year 2007 to 2011 for sporting activities, cultural performances, and mass spectator events. Up to this date, the stadium holds multiple concerts and fireworks shows. Pretty neat, huh?

Floating House

Sturdy floating platforms are often used as the base for homes, restaurants, hotels, and more. If you want to experience a different kind of lifestyle, why not opt for a floating house?

floating house
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floating dining place at Maldives
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Floating Restaurant

Floating restaurants are the new sensational concept of the restaurant trade. They are designed to create an extensive restaurant experience on the water to provide higher value for customers. These kinds of restaurants receive great attention since customers are provided with an excellent dining place along with a magnificent waterside view.

Floating Bar

Most luxurious pools in elite resorts have swim-up bars, but did you know that some beautiful islands and beaches have bars that float on the sea? If you want to know what it is like to party in the heart of the vast ocean, then a floating bar would be the ideal hangout place for you.

floating bar
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floating dairy farm
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Floating Dairy Farm

Have you read news about the world’s first offshore dairy farm? A Dutch company opened a floating dairy farm in Rotterdam, showing how food production can become less susceptible to climate change. Now, this one of a kind dairy farm is home to 32 healthy cows, producing milk products that are sold all over the city.

Floating Lake Stage

Every year, a mind-blowing floating lake stage is constructed in Bregenz, Austria. People call it Seebühne, or floating stage and is surrounded by a 7,000 seat open-air amphitheater located on the shores of Lake Constance. This place is a usual setting for large-scale opera scale or musical performances.

floating lake stage
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floating bridge
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Floating Walkway and Bridge Platform

Floating platforms can be used as floating bridges and walkways as well. Plastic modular floating pontoons are the best choice for making these structures as they can be set up quickly and require less maintenance.

Floating Solar Panel Platform

Floating solar panels or floating photovoltaics are a collection of solar panels that float on a body of water. These solar arrays are placed on a buoyant structure to keep them above the water’s surface and are typically located on calmer bodies of water like ponds, lakes, and even human-made reservoirs.

floating solar array
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floating dry dock
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Floating Dry Platform

Floating dry docks are steel-made U-shaped pontoon structures, which are typically used to overhaul and repair vessels that met accidents or broke down while in the middle of the sea. They can lift the ship out of the water and keep it safe while it is being repaired.

Floating Offshore Platform

Floating platforms are widely used in deepwater constructions and applications. Check out some of the types of floating offshore platform construction models designed for different kinds of industries:

Spar Platforms

Spar platforms are generally placed on top of a large hollow cylindrical hull with another end of cylinder descending at about 700ft. deepwater, yet they can still function up to 10,000ft. They are ideal to be used in harsh environments and cold temperatures.

spar platform
Source: Maritime Connector
semi-submersible platform
Source: Maritime Connector

Semi-Submersible Platforms

Semi-submerged platforms can be moved from one place to another whenever needed. They are suitable for midrange and deepwater drilling and construction since they can operate underground, ranging from 200ft. up tp 10,000ft.

Tensioned Leg Platforms

A tensioned leg platform extends from the ocean floor to the platform itself. It can operate in deepwater down to 7,000ft. Generally, it is cost-effective and suitable for supporting dry trees.

semi-submersible platform
Source: Maritime Connector


And that’s all for our list! Did you have fun checking out the things you can do with a floating platform? You may want to check out article about everything you need to know about jet skiing if you plan to use your floating dock for your PWC. Also, take a look at the cost of floating platforms to choose the right one for your needs. Tell us your ideas and place your comments or suggestions in the box below.

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