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World Best 3 Floating Jet Ski Dock[2021]



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These days, floating jet ski dock systems are becoming increasingly popular, and with good cause!

You’ll need to have a location to store your new jet ski when it isn’t in use if you get one.

Although there are many other ways to store your jet ski, one of the most efficient options is to keep it on a traditional jet ski lift or a floating jet ski dock.

If you’re searching for one drive-on dock for your jet ski, there are several high-quality options available, or you may make one yourself!

These systems are simple to set up and offer a lot of versatility. If you would like to have your jet ski near the water, you’ll need one of these systems, as it’s not a good idea to let it drift in the water.

That is the incorrect way of storing it because lengthy exposure to water can cause damages and other issues with your jet ski. It is acceptable to keep your jet ski in the water for a day or two if needed, and no harm should occur. However, in the long run, it is strongly discouraged!

Moreover, many of these dock setups can be put up using a variety of different components. It means you may make a dual floating jet ski dock, or maybe even your entire dock, with walkways, entirely out of these floating modules.

What Is The Use Of A Floating Jet Ski?

plastic floating dock
Source: Hiseadock

Floating jet ski docks glide on top of the water rather than on the bottom of a lake or river, as their names indicate. These docks are commonly linked to neighboring docks or seawalls and are built of robust, buoyant material. The main benefit of these docks is that you can simply dock your jet ski because you can run onto them with the engine’s force.

Drive-on jet ski docks come in two varieties. Most models have a row of rollers that are lined up to enable launching and returning the jet ski easier. Because the body of the jet ski is moving on these small wheels, the paints and surface coatings on the hull will not be damaged!

The “slider” style of jet ski docks, unlike the “wheely” versions with rollers, have plastic tracks rather than rollers.

This means the jet ski merely glides on the plastic, making it more difficult to move and increasing the chance of ruining the paint on the hull’s bottom.

Although these jet ski docks are extremely convenient, they do have a few disadvantages. In a nutshell, here are the advantages and disadvantages of these docks. Check out the frequently asked questions before finalizing any option. 

Drive-On Jet Ski Docks Have Their Advantages

  • Installation is simple.
  • Portable
  • Material is long-lasting.
  • Design that does not require any maintenance
  • The most practical method for launching a jet ski
  • Access to the jet ski (fueling and maintenance) is simple.
  • Multiple units can be linked together to make it more flexible.
  • Vertical flow of water is not a concern with floating docks because they can move vertically.

Drive-On Jet Ski Docks Have a Few Drawbacks

  • In rough seas, floating docks are ineffective.
  • They don’t raise the jet ski long enough, which might be an issue if the water is usually rough.
  • The sun, rain, wind, and bird droppings all come into contact with the jet ski.
  • When compared to alternative storage options, they provide less security.
  • To ride the jet ski onto these docks safely, you’ll need some expertise.
  • Because they are costly, many jet ski owners make their custom jet ski docks.

Some Famous Floating Jet Ski Docks

1. Drive-On Dock Systems by EZ Dock

When we talk about the best jet ski float docks, EZ Dock is a reputable manufacturer who ensures to manufacture good quality kayak docks that are hard to miss.

EZ Dock was formed by two water geeks who were looking for a more easy and eco-friendly way to store their watercraft. They noticed that traditional jet ski lifts need a lot of upkeep and storm fixes.

They made a product that can survive strong winds and extreme weather without cracking or peeling. Their system is low-maintenance and allows you to spend more time on the water rather than on repairs.

2. JETSLIDE PWC Docks by CanDock

CanDock’s JETSLIDE is unlike any other boat or jet ski hoist on the market. Its radical dry dock system prevents the exterior hull of your boat from wear and tear as well as vegetation collection. The JETSLIDE also is a low-maintenance and simple-to-use device.

It’s simple to put together, versatile, and works with a variety of watercraft. It can be utilized as a boat dock or for jet skis.

The JETSLIDE float jet ski dock is built to distribute the load of the watercraft uniformly, preventing excessive pressure on the hull, and includes wide paths for easy access to all parts of the watercraft. It is one of the best quality jet skis out there in the market.

blue plastic floating dock
Source: Hiseadock

4. Drive-On Floating Jet Ski Dock by Sunstream

SunStream’s SunPort is a long-lasting, easy-to-load drive-on jet ski dock.

It’s made of foam-filled polyethylene, and it’s not going to sink. It provides a safe docking port with ample space to stroll around to the back of the boat.

Because of the rotating tail and mid-level wheels that assist the bow upon arrival under low power, it just takes a few minutes to release and dock.

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The built-in bow block aligns your PWC, softly easing it into position and avoiding over-docking. The slim, hydrodynamic system keeps your jet ski snugly in position on the port, and two rows of Stoltz rollers retain it floating laterally.

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The Bottom Line

As you’ve seen, there are many trusted makers of drive-on floating jet ski docks.
Most of these jet ski docks appear to be pretty alike at first sight, yet each has its unique set of benefits and drawbacks. As a result, it’s a good idea to do some study before making a final decision.
Many of the models may be built from a variety of parts, allowing you to create a smaller twin floating jet ski dock or a bigger customized dock based on your demands.
There are also a variety of additional options for storing your jet skis, such as on a jet ski lift or your watercraft. It’s also a good idea to think about storage before buying a new jet ski.
If you’ve never tried jet skiing before, you may get a head start by renting one from a PWC rental business, which is accessible all over the country! Contact us to buy the best jet ski dock.

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