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World Top 5 Saltwater Jet Ski For Ocean [2021]



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If you are a fan of riding Jet skis, especially in those parts of the world where the weather is always pleasant and sunny, this is the ideal blog for you. Riding the jet skis is the easy part; the difficult part is to look for a good jet ski manufacturer and prevent them from getting corroded in the saltwater. 

jet ski on a floating dock
Source: Hiseadock

Saltwater is one of the biggest enemies of your jet ski, and thus, while buying a jet ski for the ocean, you need to pay special attention to this fact. In this article, we will talk about the world top 5 saltwater jet skis for the ocean.

Top 5 Saltwater Jet Skis For The Ocean

1. RTX-X / RXP-X From Sea-Doo

Sea-Doo is a famous name in the domain of jet skis. If you are looking for a ski that can easily handle two to three-foot swell, this is the right option for you. However, this option is a bit on the expensive side. It costs almost three times what an everyday jet ski does. You can rest assured that this option offers great value for money. It provides massive power with just a tap of a button. Also, make sure to buy a dock for your jet ski from a reputed floating dock manufacturer.

2. FX Cruiser by Yamaha

This is one of the best quality jet skis out there in the market. You can expect your body to get sore and tired after just one hour on this jet ski. If you are heading for a forty-mile ride, this is the best option to get your hands on. 

3. Sea-Doo GTX Limited

This is yet another jet ski variant from Sea-Doo and is equally good as its competitors. It is a more toned-down variant of the other Sea-Doo models. This is a budget-friendly option, and if you are looking for a jet ski with high power and the ability to move through tough ocean waves, this is the option for you. It also comes with extra features such as a Bluetooth headset and a swim platform. 

4. Yamaha FX HO

This is one of the best jet skis offered by Yamaha. If you are looking for a jet ski that provides a significant amount of power at the click of just one button, this is the right option for you. It has a lighter hull and is quite easy to load back on the trailer. 

red jet ski
Source: Hiseadock

5. Yamaha Superjet

The Yamaha Superjet is the best option if you are looking for a jet ski that offers great fun and leisure. It provides a four-stroke engine and provides a great deal of power. This vehicle offers a speed of almost 54 miles per hour, which makes it a much more preferred option than its predecessors. 

Steps To Ensure That Your Jet Ski Doesn’t Get Corroded

A Jet Ski is an ideal vehicle for hours of fun in saltwater. Make sure to buy a jet ski only from a reputed jet ski manufacturer. However, it would help if you did not ignore the corrosive power of saltwater. You have already spent a great deal of money buying your jet ski; you wouldn’t want it to get rusted within a few months of use.

jet skis on a floating dock
Source: Hiseadock

No matter which saltwater jet ski you choose, it is essential to wash it off after every use. Also, make sure to buy only from a reputed manufacturer. Otherwise, the saltwater present on its body will corrode it beyond use. When not in use, load your jet ski back on the trailer. If you keep them sitting in saltwater, corrosion is almost guaranteed. 


Salt has the potency to ruin anything, so it becomes necessary to get every bit of it off the jet ski after using it in the ocean. This could be done easily with the types of watercraft around us. The procedure that needs to be followed to remove the salt is by hooking up a hose to the water injection port, which, in turn, would enable freshwater to move through the insides of the system. This has proven to help maintain the PWCs and the workings of the same time and over again. If one cannot get a hold of the hose, they opt for a salt dissolver. All you have to do is to use this salt dissolver with fresh water.


We might as well remind you that the interior mechanical tool of the Jetski is not the only thing that you need to watch out for any salt deposit or other particles. Saltwater could lead to deterioration of the parts of the Jet Ski as well. This is why it becomes imperative to undertake a rigorous rinsing of every part. One thing that people should bear in mind is not to wash electrical components of the vehicle down as it would lead to malfunctioning of the same. Even worse, the PWC may suffer a considerable blow requiring you to spend an immoderate amount to get it repaired. 

So it is essential to stick to the areas that you think need an in-depth cleaning to restore the thing to working order. To avoid wasting money and take care of the components. 


Once the crucial parts are dealt with, you may need to turn your attention to a secondary consideration. These are the vinyl seats and covers of the PWC; these are equally vulnerable to the inescapable effects of saltwater. To shield the vinyl and upholstery, use a vinyl sealer to help extend the lifespan of the upholstery. Just the right amount of care and attention, and this component would go on for as long as you want. 

Time Frame

In the case of saltwater, it is best to do the cleaning and rinsing as soon as possible after getting the vehicle out of the water. This ensures the salt water will not get enough time to enter the surface of the materials and start the corrosion process. Never leave a Jet Ski in saltwater for extended periods, as the vehicles are generally not designed for that.

Final Word

These were some of the world top 5 saltwater jet skis for the ocean. Choose one that fits your budget and requirements. Also, make sure to follow a proper cleaning regime after every use. Contact us to buy the best jet ski for saltwater.

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