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6 Best Ocean Kayak Brands



Outdoor adventures such as kayaking are becoming increasingly popular. The kayak market is saturated with different brands, so it’s understandable there’s intense competition. You might not know what equipment is best suited to your skill level if you are new to kayaking and do not have an idea about trusted brands that have kayaks that suit your needs and preferences.

There are various types of kayaks that serve specific purposes. To assist you in choosing the best sea kayak for your needs, here’s a list of the top 6 best ocean kayak brands available in the market. In the end, we will also tell you about the best kayak dock manufacturer.

Top 6 ocean kayak brands

  • Dagger

Dagger is one of the best sea kayak brands. It manufactures a wide variety of kayaks. Moreover, their kayak designs are extensively tested by expert paddlers before they are brought to market.

Although many paddlers are familiar with Dagger because of the numerous whitewater kayak models they offer, they also produce several models that are well suited to sea kayaking. These models are appropriate for kayak surfing, recreational paddling on coastal waterways, or open water paddling.

Dagger makes some of the best sea kayaks on the market, like the Stratos 12.5L, 12.5S, 14.5L, and 14.5S models. However, if we had to choose one, we’d suggest the Stratos 14.5L for its combination of maneuverability and stability.

  • Old Town

One more excellent brand that produces high-quality sea kayaks is Old Town Canoe and Kayak. Most experienced kayakers may recognize the company’s designs as Necky Kayaks, which was the company’s previous name.

Their name reflects their base in Old Town, Maine, and many of their employees have been here for a long time. The company began manufacturing kayaks all the way back in 1898 when they were at the forefront of the industry.

As of today, you can find kayaks made by Old Town manufacturers all around the world, from river systems in Maine to coastal waters around Australia. The company remains dedicated to making kayaks with high-quality craftsmanship even after their worldwide recognition.

They manufacture three main sea kayak designs: the Castine, the Looksha T, and the Looksha 17. With a slide-away day hatch that provides you with accessible storage space for small items such as snacks, sunscreen, and your cell phone, the Castine 140 is an excellent choice for medium-to-large paddlers.

  • Pelican Sport

The Pelican International Company operates Pelican Sport. The company produces paddle crafts and accessories for water sports, such as paddleboards, kayaks, winter sleds, boats, and almost any accessory associated with water sports.

Kayaks from Pelican are among the lightest available on the market for recreational and fishing use. Their RAM-XTM technology allows their kayaks to be lighter and more flexible than those of their competition.

Their lighter construction is ideal for paddlers of smaller sizes, or for people who would rather not lift a heavy kayak onto their roof racks. However, they also offer a number of useful features that are specific to a particular type of kayak.

There are models available for fishing, paddling for fun, and touring around. In addition, they have sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks, depending on your preference. As a leading manufacturer of paddlesports gear, Pelican has been in business since 1968. During the past fifty years, Pelican has developed into an industry leader.

  • Delta Kayaks

Located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Delta Kayak’s manufacturing facility completes the finishing touches by hand to meet its strict quality-control standards.

More than 35 years ago, they began producing quality sea kayaks. Using thermoforming technology, they craft some of the strongest and lightest kayaks for touring coastal waters in North America.

Many of Delta’s sea kayaks are available, but some of their best-known models include the Delta 15.5GT, Delta Traverse 17.5, and Delta 15S.

  • P&H Sea Kayaks

Since P&H Sea Kayaks began making kayaks more than 50 years ago, their manufacturing process has been honed and their kayaks perform exceptionally well off the water as well. In addition, they are visually impressive and very safe.

These sea kayaks have a lowered back section that makes them easier to roll if one does capsize in rough waters, and their stern-mounted rudder steering system is essential for any sea kayak in the market.

Cetus, LV, Valkyrie, and Scorpio II MV models are some of this brand’s best sea kayaks. The company actually manufactures 14 different kayak designs for different purposes, such as expedition kayaking, fast sea kayaking, ocean play, and weekend adventures.

  • Wilderness Systems

The kayaks made by Wilderness Systems are suitable for all types of paddling. In addition to sit-on and sit inside kayaks for recreational paddling, sit-inside kayaks for touring, sit on top kayaks for fishing, they also manufacture tandem kayaks.

As a kayak manufacturer since 1986, they have striven for kayak perfection, inspired by the natural beauty that’s often only found after exploring rarely-traveled waterways.

The company truly crafts kayaks for people of all skill levels, allowing you to choose the right model for you. Their innovative kayak seat designs make them some of the most comfortable kayaks in the market.

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Sit on top Vs sit inside

The majority of sea kayaks are sit-inside varieties since protecting yourself from the elements is crucial when paddling on the ocean. Nevertheless, some sit-on-top kayaks are made specifically for ocean use.

Having a sit-on-top kayak makes it easier to right yourself and get back into the water if you capsize. However, you’ll not only have to contend with wind and waves if you’re kayak fishing, but you’ll also have the added risk of getting knocked off-balance by your catch. Sit-on top kayaks will also allow you to dock on a floating platform easily.

In addition to fishing, if you plan to use the kayak for any other purpose, you will probably want a sit-inside kayak. You will stay warm and dry when paddling on the ocean in these kayaks, and they are also compatible with spray skirts for even greater weather protection.

Additionally, sit-inside sea kayaks tend to have a greater amount of sealed storage than sit-on-top kayaks. These advantages make them ideal for kayaking trips that require storing clothes and other items that cannot be wet while paddling for long periods of time.


So, these were the best 6 sea kayak brands in the world. These companies make fantastic kayaks for paddlers of varying skill levels and paddling styles. Make sure the kayak brand you choose is reputable and can deliver a kayak that is both durable and performs well at an affordable price. The features that you want may not be offered by one brand, so you should explore different options before choosing one.

If you are looking forward to buying a durable kayak dock, you can contact Hisea Dock, one of the best floating dock manufacturers.

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