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Best Floating Platform Manufacturers in Singapore

April 20, 2020
The Float at Marina Bay
Source: Pinterest

Singapore is known for its clean streets, modern tall buildings, and lush green surroundings. More than that, the country is home to the world’s largest floating platform found in Marina Bay, called The Float at Marina Bay.

This blog will introduce the best floating platform manufacturers in Singapore and their dominant business features. Let’s get this started!

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A Plastic Floating Dock
Source: Paramarine


Location: 22 Tuas Road, Singapore 638380

Main Products: 

Paramarine’s modular floating solutions include:

  • single float 
  • double float 
  • quad float 
  • jet ski float 
  • boat float

Paramarine is a private company founded in 1975 and started as a supplier and service provider of marine equipment. They deliver high-quality turnkey solutions that are certified to the latest requirements of SOLAS, IMO, the EU, and USCG.

One of their known products is the versatile and highly stable floating modules that can be assembled into different sizes and shapes. These modular cubes are made from recyclable materials with anti-UV coating and anti-freeze components. All of which can cater to various requirements since they can be applied and configured based on your preference.

Paramarine’s modular floating solutions are cost-efficient for both private and commercial projects, plus they can be complemented with an extensive range of equipment and optional accessories.


Location: 1 Kim Seng Promenade #07-02 Great World City 237994 

Main Products: 

PaxOcean’s modular floating solutions include:

  • floating dry docks
  • offshore platforms
multiple floating docks in a shipyard
Source: PaxOcean

PaxOcean, a subsidiary of Kuok Limited, offers an extensive range of services covering rig building, vessel new buildings, offshore engineering, ship and rig repair, maintenance, and conversion. For over 70 years in the industry, the company has proven itself to be a reliable and trusted provider to the global offshore and marine industry.

PaxOcean Singapore is one of the top ship repair yards in the Southeast region, having to produce 200 floating docks per year.  The company offers quick turnaround docking for up to Handymax-sized vessels and afloat repair berths for up to Panamax-sized vessels. So if you are looking for offshore and marine repair floating platform solutions, this company is what you need.

Tuas shipyard
Source: Sembcorp Marine

Sembcorp Marine

Location: 30 Hill Street #05-04 Singapore 179360

Main Products: 

Sembcorp Marine’s modular floating solutions include:

  • offshore floating platforms
  • rigs & floaters

Are you familiar with the floating platform The Float @ Marina Bay? The Defense Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) may have formed the design and supervised the development of the facility. Still, the constructed floating pontoons were from Sembcorp Marine Ltd since they worked as their industry partners.

Sembcorp Marine offers innovative engineering solutions to the global offshore, marine, and energy industries. With more than 50 years in the industry and a vast network of expertise and facilities, the company mainly provides four kinds of services, namely specialized shipbuilding, repairs & upgrades, rigs & floaters, and offshore platforms.

This company is famous because of its huge projects not only in Singapore but in other countries as well. Fun fact, Sembcorp is appointed to build the largest floating solar farm in Singapore and be completed by the year 2021. How cool is that?


Location: 53 Ubi Avenue 1, #06-05 Paya Ubi Industrial Park Singapore 408934

Main Products: 

GL E&C floating pontoon systems include:

  • concrete floating dry dock 
  • floating highway 
  • floating hotel 
  • floating office
  • floating Mosque
floating highway
Source: Pinterest

GL Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd begun in 2013 with an insight to build a great business in the marine and civil industry. The company produces innovative and creative solutions to handle various projects in all sizes, environments, and complexities in the engineering trade led by experienced personnel. They are providing project management services not only in Singapore but also across Southeast Asia.

They are the experts to look for if you need services for marine civil engineering, plant civil engineering, and floating structures. With regards to the latter, they supply and install various kinds of floating pontoon systems that are ideal in most marine surroundings. From low maintenance systems composed of rubber, aluminum, and concrete to the conventional timber and galvanized steel systems – just name it, they surely have it.

Boats and a yacht docked alongside a large floating bridge
Source: Pinterest

Hisea Dock

Location: Shuangpu Village, East district, Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China

Main Products: 

Hisea Dock floating platform systems include:

  • floating swim platform
  • floating marina
  • residential floating platform
  • floating bridge
  • floating walkway
  • floating lake platform

Hisea dock specializes in manufacturing and supplying modular plastic floats for more than a decade, providing floating platform solutions in over 80 countries. This company aims for high-quality yet offers its products at competitive prices. In a short period of time, Hisea Dock has already made its name in the global floating dock market. Specializing in modular plastic docks, the company can ship DIY floating dock kits almost anywhere in the world.


In a nutshell, floating platforms have multiple uses, whether they are made from plastic, rubber, aluminum, or timber. If you are planning to buy, then we strongly suggest that you read our floating dock buying guide first. Did you like our checklist, or did we miss something? We would like to hear your thoughts. Place your comments in the box below. Also check out our floating platform building guide to know more.

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