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Best 5 Residential Floating Dock Contractors



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Are you looking for the best floating dock builders for your residence? You’ve arrived at the right place! Our research team has compiled a list of the top five Floating Dock Contractors for your reference.

If you need a residential floating dock contractor who can provide quality work and dependable service, you should contact one of these companies. They all have years of experience and are highly regarded, so you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands. Let’s check them out.

Hisea Dock

Business Type: Floating dock contractors

Headquarters: Zhejiang, China

Main Markets: International

Years of Experience: Over 10 Years

Certificates/Awards: ISO-9001,CE, SGS,TUV

HiSea Dock logo


Image Source: Hisea Dock

The most experienced maker of floating docks in China may be found at Hiseadock. They are the only company in the sector that makes use of technology to produce products of such a high standard, which no one else does. 

Their primary focus is on manufacturing plastic goods, such as floating gangways, platforms, docks, and bridges. This is their primary area of concentration. Hiseadock is responsible for producing some of the most high-quality floating docks available today.

The headquarters of Hiseadock may be found at Shuangpu, which is a village located in Huangyan, which is a larger region in the Zhejiang Province of East China. Hiseadock is a waterfront solutions provider that serves clients both in the United States and internationally.

As an ISO 9001:2015 registered company, you can rest assured that their products will always meet or exceed your expectations. Because they are in line with European and global norms, their products easily pass the testing requirements of certification agencies like CE, SGS, and TUV.

Key Products


Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory 

Headquarters:  America

Main Markets: International

Years of Experience: Over 10 Years

Certificates/Awards: ISO 9001


Image Source: Accudock

Accudock was founded in the United States in 2007. There are numerous market segments for floating dock systems. They can handle small commercial applications as well as large residential installations. Their willingness to work with each client to design the most appropriate and ideal floating docking systems sets them apart.


Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory

Headquarters:  India

Main Markets: International

Years of Experience: 6 Years

Certificates/Awards: JAS-ANZ ISO 9001-2008

Incodock logo


Image Source: incdock

Incodock is a leisure and entertainment division of the Indian corporation Inco Mechel Private Limited. The company is proud of its floaties because they strictly adhere to JAS-ANZ ISO 9001-2008 standards and are made from virgin HDPE granules of the highest quality. Furthermore, their products are recyclable and can withstand temperatures as high as 110°C.


Business Type: Manufacturer

Headquarters:  Guangzhou, China

Main Markets: International

Years of Experience: 24 Years

Certificates/Awards: ISO 9001

Deli group logo


Image Source: DELI GROUP 

When it was created in 1998, the Guangzhou-based company was among the first dock manufacturers to be registered in the region. They primarily concentrate on floating docks, yacht marinas, platforms, walkways, and residential constructions.

In addition to production, Deli Docks provides a variety of services, such as aid to various Guangzhou yacht clubs. According to their most recent annual report, they have provided more than 90 floating walkways, 500 marinas, and more than 50,000 berths.

Delidocks’ key competency is delivering marina solutions to all clients. Yacht marinas, floating pontoons, aluminum bridges, floating platforms, floating dwellings, aluminum gangways, port and piers, consultancy, planning, design, and construction are some of their specialties.


Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory

Headquarters:  Guangzhou, China

Main Markets: International

Years of Experience: 12 Years

Certificates/Awards: ISO 9001

Stark yacht logo


Image Source: Metstrade

Guangzhou Stark Yacht Marina Engineering Co., Ltd., an officially recognized Chinese yacht marina engineering corporation, specialized in project formulation, yacht marina design and construction, and marine engineering product export. Stark, China’s premier marina firm, provides a full range of services, including design, construction, and installation. 

Stark’s product portfolio covers the marina supply chain. This includes the main construction, gangway, floating bridge, floating pontoon, hydropower equipment, mooring equipment, and safety equipment. Stark Marina is known for its engineering projects and luxury vessels.

With a 20,000-square-meter manufacturing and assembly factory in Huadu, Strong Yacht Marina has amassed a wealth of experience in the design and construction of floating projects, as well as a command of worldwide design principles and cutting-edge technology.



There are various house floating dock contractors who can assist you in designing a gorgeous floating dock. You can find the best floating dock contractor for you by using online and phone resources. The best floating dock builder is an experienced specialist that can advise you on the best floating dock for your home or business.

Being near a dock manufacturer offers an underappreciated level of convenience. Although acquiring resources from abroad is always feasible. The presence of the top dock builders in one location promotes healthy competition, which is advantageous to you.

Hiseadock does more than only make products. We make a concerted effort to understand your requirements before providing solutions that are aligned with your vision. Never hesitate to visit our website, where you will get all the assistance you require. Feel free to contact us anytime!


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