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5 Features That You Should Look for in a Kayak Dock

September 29, 2020
Dock with boats
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If you want to be a serious kayaker, you will need to equip yourself with all the basic kayaking equipment. One very essential piece of equipment that you should have is a kayak dock.

These kinds of docks are specially made to shelter and store kayaks. They are either made of wood or plastic and are meant to be as durable as possible. If you are thinking of building a kayak dock of your very own, you should know what features to look for. Here are 5 features that you should look for in a kayak dock.

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Types of Kayak Dock

Before you start building your kayak dock, you should know the types of docks available in the market and their key features. There are two basic types of kayak docks based on how they are made.

Floating Dock

Floating kayak docks are meant to float without any foundations at the bottom. They are quite versatile and can be used in different situations. The best thing about floating docks is that they are quite inexpensive to build and maintain.

Most modern floating kayak docks are made of specialized floating pieces that can be constructed easily. Floating docks are best used in high water levels because low water levels can have them bumping onto the rocks and getting damaged.

A blue and yellow plastic floating dock

Stationary Dock

This type of dock is built with a strong foundation and is meant to withstand the currents rather than sway with it. They are quite stable and can provide a great platform from where you can board your kayak.

Stationary docks can be used for both low and high water levels. The only setback to using a stationary dock is that it can be quite expensive to build and because it is made of either metal or wood it requires regular maintenance.

Wooden stationary docks installed on a lake
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5 Key Features to Look Out for When Building a Kayak Dock

Now that you know the types of kayak docks that you can buy, take a look at some of the key features you should keep an eye out for when in the market.


When it comes to building a kayak dock you should always take the length into consideration. Remember that your dock should be able to provide an adequate footpath from the shoreline to your kayak. In some rivers and lakes there are regulations that you will need to adhere to. The same thing goes for seashore dock lengths. So, before you start building your kayak dock you should check how long your kayak dock needs to be as per the regulations. Dock length regulations usually differ from one state to another, so you should double-check before you start building your kayak dock.

A black and white image of a dock on a river
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When it comes to building a kayak dock, stability is extremely important. Remember that aside from securing your kayak, the dock should also be able to provide a stable foothold from where you could board your kayak. Floating kayak docks may seem unstable, however that is not the case, especially if they are installed near lakes and rivers. Stationary docks are more suited for bigger vessels and an ocean-front.

Floating Dock


Seeing as your kayak dock is supposed to keep your kayak secure and brave the elements, it will need to be as durable as possible. Floating kayak docks are designed to be constructed in record time. They are very durable and can stay buoyant even when slightly damaged. Floating docks are also very portable and can be taken apart if you want to transfer it during a storm. Stationary docks on the other hand are meant to be as durable as possible, however, they are still prone to rot and will need maintenance as the years pass by.

Boats Parked on Floating Dock


Floating kayak dock accessories are yet another feature that you should take into account when building your dock. Professional dock manufacturers not only house floating kayak docks for sale, they also sell various accessories such as handrails, side balusters, and crashworthy balls to name but a few. These accessories can be installed on the floating dock with relative ease. You could also add ramps and kayak racks to your floating dock. That way you can easily load your kayak onto the dock and store them during harsh weather.

A side baluster for floating dock systems


Your kayak dock should be made of high-quality materials that will ensure their effectiveness for years. Floating kayak docks are predominantly made of buoyant plastic and can sustain a great deal of damage before they are considered unusable. Stationary docks on the other hand are predominantly made of wooden elements and meant to last for ages.

Plastic Float


As a serious kayaker, you should have a platform that you can use to secure and store your kayak and other equipment. By having a kayak dock you will be able to keep your kayak safe from the elements and have a platform from where you could get in and out of your kayak easily.

At Hiseadock, we make floating kayak docks that meet your exact needs. We can even customize the size, color, shape, and added features of your dock so it exceeds your expectations. Our docks are also easy to assemble so you can DIY your very own kayak dock easily. Contact us today to know more.

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