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How to DIY Your Own Floating Kayak Dock

September 29, 2020
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When it comes to being a serious kayaker you will need to have the right equipment. One of the most essential things you need is a sturdy and well-made floating kayak dock. A dock like this is specially made to anchor and protect your kayaks

Floating kayak docks are meant to be well-made, however, it does not have to be expensive to build one. You just need the right plans and materials to pull it off. To help you build one on your own, here are some tips for building a floating kayak dock on your waterfront property. 

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Survey the Dock Site

Before you start building your floating kayak dock, you should survey the site where it will be installed first. It is important to make sure that the shoreline is a hospitable place for your dock. Check if the shore is deep enough to install your dock. You should also check if there are structures in the area that you can secure your floating dock onto.

Other factors that you should take into account is the type of body of water your floating dock will be placed in. Each body of water has certain characteristics and unique currents and tides. Some bodies of water, such as rivers can be very temperamental and prone to very strong currents. While others such as lakes are quite placid in comparison. 

You should check the weather conditions as well because an area that is prone to rain and flooding can inflict added stress to your floating kayak dock. 

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Choose the Right Materials

Aside from checking the dock site, you should make sure that you choose the right materials for your floating kayak dock. First and foremost, it should be very buoyant and be able to handle a great deal of damage. 

Remember that your kayak will be bumping into your floating dock a lot. So it makes sense that you choose materials that don’t easily chip or puncture the kayak. Most kayak owners nowadays use easy to assemble plastic floats. They are easy to maintain, and should one part get damaged, it can be easily replaced.

A blue pipelined float

Prepare the Dock Site

Before you start building your floating kayak dock, you should prepare the dock site. That way once you do install your kayak dock, it will be an easy task. You should also install pegs and loops that you can tie your floating dock onto. This will help secure it no matter how strong the currents are. You should also take out any protruding pieces of wood or nails that can puncture your floating kayak dock.

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Construct the Dock Beforehand

It is a good idea to just construct your dock before you lower it into the water. Remember that it will be a lot more difficult to make any changes once the floating kayak dock is in the water. So you should construct the dock beforehand. 

Most kayak owners use plastic floats to construct their docks. Well-known plastic dock companies such as Hiseadock have floating kayak docks for sale that can be easily put together. They can also be designed to fit specific needs such as sloping shapes or ramps for your kayak. Hiseadock has multiple float designs that will allow you to customize your floating kayak dock in various ways. The company also has additional accessories such as handrails, bollards, pile guides, and side balusters to make the process of pre-building your dock easier.

Plastic floating dock

Install the Dock

Once you finish building your floating kayak dock, you can now install it on the dock site. Depending on how big your kayak dock is, you should transport it using a pickup truck or a full-sized truck. 

Try to get your floating kayak dock as near to the water as possible. Once you’re near the water, prepare a ramp to slide the dock down onto the water. It would be a good idea to have help when you’re pushing it into the water. The kayak dock should slide easily into the water and not get snagged on anything. Once it is in the water, fasten the dock to the dock site with a thick piece of rope or chain. 

A plastic floating dock installed near a building

FAQs About Kayak Docks

Now that you have a floating kayak dock of your own, you should know how to properly secure your kayak to your dock.  Here are some key faqs about kayak docks.

Dock with a boat
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How do you secure a kayak to a dock?

Once you reach the dock, you should navigate the kayak close enough to the dock to prevent the waves from banging it into the dock. 

Secure your kayak by tying both the bow and stern to your dock. You should also place a cushion between your vessel and the dock. This will help prevent scratches and dents.

If you are not going to use your kayak for long periods of time, you should lift it out of the water and place it on the dock. This will help prevent your kayak from getting damaged during rough weather. 

How to get a kayak out of a dock?

Before you get in the cockpit, you should untie the kayak first. It would be difficult for you to paddle away from the dock if your kayak is still attached to it.

Secure the paddle and have it close at hand.

Slip into the kayak, and push away from the dock.

Start paddling away from the dock.

How do you get into a kayak by yourself?

Line the kayak next to the dock. Keep it parallel with the dock and keep a firm grip on it.

Grab hold of the cockpit, and keep it steady. Get ready to climb into the cockpit.

Slip into the cockpit and adjust your foot pedal according to the length of your legs. You should also adjust the back of your seat to ensure proper posture.

Once you’ve adjusted everything according to your specifications, just use the paddle to push away from the dock.


If you want to properly dock and protect your kayak from the elements, it is important that you have a good quality kayak dock. This will give you a platform that will make launching your kayak a lot easier.

If you are going to build a kayak dock of your very own, you should have a set strategy. HiseaDock Kayak Docks come ready to be assembled. We can even customize our plastic floating docks to your exact needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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