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Top 7 Floating Dock Manufacturers Florida

June 20, 2020
A Dock at Sunset
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Being close to a large waterfront opens up many opportunities, and in turn, this has created a steady demand for all types of docks. There are many manufacturers of floating docks spread out across the globe.

Some dock manufacturers have been around for many years and have established themselves in the shipping industry. There are also others who have started out more recently and have been able to carve out a niche for themselves.

Florida, being a coastal city, is home to some big dock manufacturers that include the following.

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AccuDock is located near Pompano Beach in Florida and has been in the dock making business since 2007. It was founded by John Harrison, and since then, it has grown into a facility that covers over 30,000 square feet of space.

Accudock manufactures both commercial and residential docks that range from floating docks to fixed docks. Their product catalog features floating docks, jet ski and kayak docks, gangways, and ramps, among many others.

AccuDock Logo
EZ Dock Logo

EZ Dock Tampa

Headquartered in Tampa, EZ Dock was established in 1991 to meet the growing demand for docks that were not being met sufficiently. They have grown in leaps and bounds since then. EZ Dock currently handles residential, commercial, industrial, and government projects all across Florida and other parts of the country.

Their product catalog features gangways, dock anchoring systems, commercial docks, kayak launches, among many others.

Wave Armor Florida

Another Pompano Beach dock manufacturer that is owned by one of South Florida’s biggest marine contractors. Wave Armor has been in the dock business for years and is known for their exceptional floating marine products.

Their best selling products include PWC lifts, floating docks, boat ports, wave docks, kayaks, and floating boat lifts.

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Hiseadock is an international dock manufacturer that supplies the coastal area with most of its products. Hiseadock has established itself as a significant dock and dock accessories builder. They not only supply Florida but also other parts of the globe.

Among their stand out products, they have commercial and residential floating docks, kayak docks, and other wide range of products.


Located in Winter Garden, Florida, Konadocks is another excellent dock manufacturer. They are best known for their beautiful wooden docks that boast of quality finishes. Mostar resorts in Florida contract Konadocks for waterfront constructions, a testament to how good they are. Konadocks deals with commercial and residential docks and boat lifts.

Konadocks Logo
Candock Miami Logo

Candock Miami

Candock Miami is located in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and is among the best selling dock manufacturers in the state of Florida. They have a showroom at a location called Nautical Ventures, where they showcase new products regularly. They also run an online shop where boat owners can order their products online.

They specialize in the manufacturer of floating docks and jet ski docks and a host of dock accessories.

Florida Marine Systems

Florida is home to a lot of rivers and a very generous chunk of the Atlantic Ocean to boot. Florida Marine Systems  has been, for years, taking advantage of the growing demands for docks as the population grows.

Their portfolio lists floating docks of all kinds, swim rails, PWC, jet ski and boat lifts, walkways, and many others. Florida Marine Systems also offers dock repair and management services in the whole of Central Florida.

Florida Marine Systems Logo


Florida has the 2nd longest coastline in America with a cool 1,350 miles. The state has a vast number of residential complexes built next to the water. With this enormous market for docks, it is no surprise that the state houses top dock manufacturers in the world. If you are a resident of Florida, feel free to walk into any of the many dock companies. The best docks in the world are a stone throw away.

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