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Jet Ski Tricks 101



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Are you searching for fantastic jet ski tricks? Look into this piece to explore our collection of amazing collections of tricks.

Jet ski tricks
Source: Hiseadock

Consider renting a jet-ski for a thrilling adrenaline rush on the water the next time you’re out with family or friends at the beach or lake. When used on a regular basis, the high-speed watercraft can be an enjoyable way to spend a sunny day outside while also keeping you healthy and active. Performing tricks on a jet ski is both aesthetically and physically impressive. 

Apart from being a fun activity, jet skiing also has a number of health advantages, such as improving one’s stamina, cardio-vascular system, and toning the body. 

Of course, it’s reasonable to think that you’ll never be able to do four or even five backflips in a row after watching high-level athletes do so. But everyone has to start somewhere. In this article, we have mentioned some jet ski tricks for beginners and tips, which will help beginners master the tricks of jet skiing. 

Jet Ski: What Is It? 

Jet ski tricks
Source: Hiseadock

A Jet Ski is a compact machine, similar to a motorcycle, that travels on the water’s surface and is powered by a jet engine.Many of us were probably initially introduced to jet skiing adventures when we were on vacation, but it’s not just the beaches of the Caribbean or some other exotic spot where one should go.

There are numerous excellent venues where you may learn how to jet ski. Jet skiing is arguably the simplest of all the water sports to learn. People often do jet skiing as a fun activity, but did you know you can also use that jet skiing for fishing? Jet skis help in catching fish away from the shore. Like a jet ski dock, the jet ski fishing dock is a place where the jet skis are parked when they are not used to protect the machine from marine plants and shellfish. 

Things To Remember 

Jet ski tricks
Source: Hiseadock

Here are a few essential tips to bear in mind when riding a Jet Ski or PWC in the summer.

Wear A Life Jacket

Life jackets will help you float if you fall into the water accidentally. When riding a jet ski, both children and adults must wear a jacket.

Wear A Watercraft Helmet

If you are ejected from your Jet Ski, a watercraft helmet can help prevent head injuries. If you hit something in the water, a helmet can also protect you from flying debris.

Maintain Your Jet Ski Properly

Accidents can take place due to equipment failure. However, with proper maintenance, equipment failure can be avoided.

Park Your Jet Ski When Not In Use

When you’re done jet-skiing, make sure your jet ski is parked at the jet ski dock. The jet ski dock will protect the machine from marine plants, animals, and shells.

Make Sure You Start Your Jet In The Deep-Water

A jet ski can be started in both the shallow and deep waters. But we would suggest you walk a little on your floating bridge or walkway and go to your jet ski in the deep waters. 

Amazing Jet Ski Tricks That You Should Try Out

Jet ski tricks dock
Source: Hiseadock

If you are bored by taking the ordinary spin around every time with your jet ski, maybe it’s time for you to upgrade your jet ski skills. You can consider a floating walkway to gain balance on the sea if you are an amateur. Jet ski tricks will make your jet skiing experience memorable. Of course, you will not be able to do these tricks ideally just after learning them, but you’ll definitely love doing them effortlessly once you master these tricks.

Pro Tip

If you are not comfortable with any particular trick, you should let it go. Not performing these tricks properly can be bad for your health. It might also damage your jet ski. 

Jump A Wave Trick

Being the most popular one, this is the trick most want to start with. Well, this trick is indeed a marvelous one. The breathtaking feature of this trick is that here you do not ride on the wave, but you actually jump over it! But this requires a lot of practice and experience. Leaning backward helps you to launch yourself with the jet ski into the air. 

This particular trick requires high speed when being done. The simple trick you need to keep in mind is to allow the first wave that hits you to lift you so that you gradually get propelled in forwarding motion. 

Word Of Advice

While performing this trick, you need to relax your muscles when you are about to land. Tightening muscles might cause severe injury in your back as well as your neck. 

Riding While Standing Trick 

This is one of the fascinating stand up jet ski tricks. You might be thinking that it’s just standing on the jet ski, so this trick must be straightforward, but it is not so. This trick requires you to efficiently balance on the jet ski and soaring speed, and hence you need to have a piece of good knowledge about your core strength. This trick is performed best by athletes. 

Word Of Advice

Initially, start with slow speed and balance yourself properly in the jet ski. You need to have strong legs to perform this trick efficiently. 

Surface 180 Trick 

If you want to mark yourself as a well-established rider, then this trick is a must-try for you. Though this trick might appear very difficult to try, it’s a simple, well-calculated move that makes it a success. You need to perform this trick while you are at a reasonable speed. All you need to do is turn the handlebar of your jet-ski from one direction to the exact other direction. You can also throttle up the jet ski while performing this trick. 

Word Of Advice

You need to make sure that you incline your body in the direction you will bend your jet ski. Also, you must keep in mind one thing. You should perform this trick in a less crowded space to avoid injuries. 

Surface 360 Trick 

Very similar to the surface 180 tricks, but instead of making a half-turn, we make a complete turn. The precision required to do this is also double the precision required to do the surface 180 tricks. Even here, you need to speed up the jet ski and then lean your body towards the direction in which you plan to turn the jet ski and then turn the handles in that direction. 

The only difference in the procedure between the surface 180 trick and surface 360 tricks is that, in the former, you needed to keep yourself in that particular position till you completed a half turn. Still, here you need to maintain this position till you make a total turn. You need to have strong core strength, good balancing skills, and strong legs to perform this trick. 

Word Of Advice

If you feel dizzy when experiencing circular motions during high speed, you might opt out from experiencing this trick. Also, this trick should be performed in an isolated area so that you don’t end up hurting anyone.

Carving Trick 

This trick might appear to be an easy one, but this trick requires experience. In this trick, you need to crave your path in the water by taking remarkably sharp turns. When you can perform this trick smoothly, this would mean that you have mastered the skill of maneuvering. 

Word Of Advice

you should avoid trying this trick in a crowded space as you might end up hurting someone. Carving can be performed either by sitting or standing, but it’s preferred that you sit and perform this trick if you are new.

Donut Trick

Do you like the donut trick in your car? If yes, then this trick will amaze you here as well. In this particular trick, you keep on rotating the jet ski either while sitting on it or while standing on it. If you can maintain a few specific placements of your legs and hands, you can successfully master this trick and become a pro at it. 

Word Of Advice

You should avoid this trick if you feel dizzy while doing it. Also, you need to do a lot of practice before being successfully able to do this trick. 

Circles trick

Apart from being one of the stand up jet ski tricks for beginners itself, this trick is used to create waves in calm water because calm water in itself is not ideal for jet skiing. In addition, this circle trick acts as the guiding step for practicing the donut trick. Practicing circles is easy, and you just need to incline on one side of the jet ski and proceed in a circular motion. To start with, you should try to make wider circles, and along with practice and experience, the circle size will get narrower.

Word Of Advice

If you desire to practice the donut trick, it is better to learn circles first. Also, this trick should be avoided when you are a beginner. 

Stopping After Speeding Up 

Though it is basic knowledge to know how to stop a jet ski, you can also complement this activity with a few tricks. Various modes of jet skis do not have brakes, and what if you have a similar model without brakes? Don’t worry. All you need to do is throttle it down slowly. In this manner, the jet ski will automatically slow down and stop. But when you need to perform a trick, then you need to stop after speeding up the jet ski suddenly. This requires a lot of skill and practice. 

Word Of Advice

Do not try to suddenly stop a speeding jet ski if you don’t have the proper experience. This will lead to an accident as you will lose your balance over the jet ski. 

Sharp Turn After Speeding Up Trick 

This is one of the most common sit down jet ski tricks.In this trick, you are required to ski at high speed and then potentially turn the handle in your desired direction. The beautiful splashing of water in a semi-circular pattern is the result of your calculated sharp turn. Initially, you need to balance yourself well, and only then should you speed up your jet ski. 

Word Of Advice

If you feel dizzy due to high speed, then you should avoid this trick. 

Superman Trick 

As the name suggests, this is one of the prime tricks of jet skiing, and you cannot perform this trick properly unless you are a pro when it comes to skiing. This trick basically involves very high speed, which enables you to dislocate yourself from the jet ski, and you literally elevate your body over the jet ski seat. Then, you will just have your hands on the jet ski handles, and the rest of your body will be floating in the air! 

Word Of Advice

If you are an amateur jet skier, it is recommended that you try this trick only after you have attained advanced skills in this field. This is because, in this particular trick, a lot can go wrong due to experience, and you will ultimately end up hurting yourself. Also, you should practice this trick in isolation.

Summing Up

So we can conclude by saying that there are numerous tricks that you can perform while jet skiing. Either sit-down or stand-up jet ski tricks, you are required to have perfection and experience. Jet skiing is a fun activity, but it involves risks. The tricks can be harmful to you, and you might end up hurting yourself if you fail to do the trick properly. 
Furthermore, most of the tricks in jet skiing involve speed, and if you lose control, you might seriously get yourself injured. Also, it is better if you perform the tricks in isolated areas and not in crowded areas. So before you decide to perform jet ski tricks, you need to improve your core strength. Hence, use the proper protection and enjoy yourself to the fullest! You can contact us to buy jet ski docks. At Hisea Dock we can provide you with lots of options to choose from.

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