What are Boat Docks Made of and How to Choose the Right One
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What are Boat Docks Made of and How to Choose the Right One

June 20, 2020
An Empty Boat Dock
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A drive on boat dock serves a variety of purposes. Their design and the materials used to make them depend on their purpose. The most common materials used include wood, plastic, aluminum, steel, and even concrete. The best drive on the boat docks  use the best materials.

Countless dock manufacturing companies around the world have perfected the art of building boat lift and docks. First, here are the commonly used dock materials.

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Aluminum Docks

These docks are made using aluminum pillars as support before being overlaid using different docking materials There are benefits of using aluminum in docks;

  • They are lightweight – This makes it easier for docks to be moved about. Despite their little weight, they are very durable and resistant to corrosion and physical damage. They are sturdy enough to withstand heavy loads.
  • They are low maintenance – Aluminum does not rust like other metals when they stay in contact with water for long. Without the risk of rot or decay, maintaining an aluminum dock is easy.
  • They add value – A property that has an aluminum dock will always fetch higher prices if you ever decide to sell.

Steel Docks

Drive on boat dock prices are heavily influenced by the materials used. Steel is a costlier and heavier metal. Steel is mostly used for commercial docks but can be used for residential setups too. There are two main reasons why steel is an excellent dock material.

  • They are strong – Steel is heavier and sturdier than any other material. Once a steel dock goes up, it will take a lot to dismantle it.
  • They are durable – Steel docks last for ages. They do not rust or shrink, making maintenance an effortless task.
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A Paddle Boat Anchored to a Wooden Dock
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Wood Docks

Natural beauty is the main reason why people opt for wood—that and the fact that they are cheap. The cost maintenance, however, negates their initial low cost. Wood has to be treated against rot. Some advantages of wood include

  • Wood is biodegradable; it has the least impact on the environment.
  • Wood is Cheap: You can find wood at any store at affordable prices.

Plastic Docks

When it comes to buoyancy, plastic is king. For this reason, they are widely used in making cheap floating docks. Some of the advantages of using plastic include the following.

  • They are cheap – Plastic is a widely available material that can be acquired quickly in any part of the world.
  • They are flexible – Plastic can be molded easily into any shape, making it the ideal material for customized docks.
A Hiseadock Platform Made of Plastic
Source: HSFloating

Tips to Choose the Right Dock

Knowing the materials used in making a dock is one thing; choosing which dock to go with is another matter. Here are some pointers to have in mind when shopping for a dock.

Needs Assessment
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Assess Your Needs

Boat docks have many applications. Questions that answer your needs should be your guiding beacons. Knowing what you want to get from a dock will help you in narrowing down to the right one.

For example, If you want a dock that can be used for multiple purposes like docking your watercraft, as a swimming platform, and more, then a good-quality plastic floating dock should be the way to go

Do Your Research

Do diligent research on the best prices in the market. Read reviews and even talk to your neighbors who own docks already. Knowing what you are getting yourself into early enough is good.

Do Due Diligence
Source: www.alll.com
Source: www.alll.com

Browse the Market

There are many dock manufacturers, and sellers and all of them will promise you heaven. Visit as many of them as you can before making the final decision. Docks are a lifetime investment, so take your time.

At Hiseadock we make sure you get a solution that addresses all your problems into the foreseeable future.


There is absolutely no reason for you to break your bank for a dock. The best way to go about it is to invite a dock expert who can adequately assess your property and advise you accordingly. Make a habit of contacting your preferred dock manufacturer and get it set up right away.  Before making any decision.

Hiseadock has a team of experts who do more than just sell you dock materials, they advise you on the best designs that can best fit your waterfront. Feel free to contact us for any concerns or questions.


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