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6 Tips for Choosing a Floating Dock for Your Jetski

October 05, 2020
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Jet skis are high-performance vehicles that can cost a small fortune. They are built to survive great amounts of damage and can stay in the water for long periods of time. However if you are careless with your jet ski, you can still damage key parts of the machine. 

To make sure your jet ski remains safe even when you’re not using it is to install a floating jet ski dock. This type of dock is specially made for jet skis and it is a great platform to conduct jet ski maintenance on. Before you build a floating dock though, you should first know what you are looking for. Here are 6 Tips for choosing a floating dock for your jet ski. 

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Check the Shoreline

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Before you start building your floating dock, you should first inspect the shoreline that you’ll be installing your floating dock onto. Check if there are any rocky outcrops or debris that your dock can bump into. If there is already a stationary dock on the shoreline, then this is good news for you because you will have a structure that you can secure your floating dock onto.

However, if there is no stationary dock, you should look for a stable way to secure your floating dock. You can tie it onto a big rock, or attach it to a very heavy concrete anchor.  The shoreline should also not be too shallow because the floating dock won’t be able to stay afloat, and can even get damaged.

Factor in the Body of Water You’ll Be Docking On

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Aside from checking the shoreline, it is also important that you factor in the body of water you’ll be docking on. Some bodies of water such as rivers can be quite dangerous because they have strong currents and can drag your floating dock away from the shore. Whereas more placid water bodies such as lakes and streams are calmer and safe. 

Check on the Docking Rules and Regulations

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Depending on the river, lake, or seashore you’ll be docking your floating dock onto, you will need to make sure that it is up to code.

Some rivers and lakes have specific measurements for floating docks, and if you don’t want to get into trouble with the local ranger or coast guard, your dock should be upto the code. As a whole, it always pays to check on the floating dock rules and regulations before you start building one.

Choose the Right Floating Dock Design

If you’re going to create a floating dock of your very own, you should choose a design that you are satisfied with. Remember that there are many types of dock designs, and they are created to fit a certain need or aesthetic. Here are some examples of floating dock designs to help you decide.

Straight-Line Floating Dock

Although the straight-line floating dock is simplistic in nature compared to other dock designs, it is still quite popular. This type of design is usually used for residential and commercial purposes and is quite stable. It’s long and spare design also gives it a lot of entry points for vessels to lock onto. 

A gray straight line floating dock at a pier
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A customizable floating boat dock
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Customizable Floating Dock

These types of dock designs are predominantly supported by plastic floats and are very customizable. They are also very sturdy and are used for residential and commercial purposes. As a jet ski dock, this design is very versatile, and you can add a myriad of great accessories to make your jet ski more secure.

2-in-1 Floating Dock

The 2-in-1 dock is both perfect for docking vessels and for recreational swimming. It is one of the best dock types if you are living beside the shore because it provides you with easy access to the water and your vessel.

2-in-1 Floating Dock
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Multi-Level Floating Dock
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Multi-Level Floating Dock

As the name implies, this type of dock is a lot higher from the water, thus additions such as lower ramps are added for the user’s convenience. This type of floating dock will allow you to get onto your vessel with minimal effort or fuss.

Decide the Accessories You’ll Be Installing

One of the best features of a floating dock is its incredible versatility. Floating docks are easy to customize, and you can add a lot of accessories to increase its effectiveness. Here are some accessories that you can add to your floating dock.

V Float and Ramp

The V-Float and Ramp is quite different compared to the other plastic floats because it has a V shape. This specific shape creates a ramp and makes it easier for you to slide your jet ski up onto your Jet Ski Dock.

V-Flat Ramp


There will be times where your jet ski dock is unstable. It could be during a storm or a strong current, and you will need a handhold to walk steadily. By installing a handrail onto your jet ski dock, you’ll be able to walk steadily no matter the weather or condition of the water.

Side Balusters

Aside from handrails, you could also install balusters to your jet ski dock. With this accessory, you will not only have a good handhold for your jet ski dock  but also a sturdy division between your dock and the water’s edge.

Side Ballusters

Consider DIY Jet Ski Docks

When choosing a floating dock for your jet ski, it is always a good idea to build it yourself. Although the more traditional floating docks are made of wood, they are nowhere near as versatile as plastic floating docks. 

used floating dock

These types of floating docks are specially designed to be constructed with minimal fuss. Companies such as Hiseadock sell quality plastic floating docks that can be constructed to fit your specific design and needs. Plastic floating docks are also very buoyant and damage resistant. They are easy to disassemble and can be transported to another body of water with minimal effort. If you are interested in purchasing a DIY jet ski dock, contact us today.


Jet skis are high-performance vehicles, and if you have the good fortune to own one you should really take care of it. One of the best ways to do this is to build a floating dock of your very own. Before you start the building process though, you should know what you’re looking for. With these tips, you’ll be able to choose the best jet ski dock for yourself.

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