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Top 10 Floating Dock Construction Plans

April 16, 2020
floating walkway
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Before building a floating dock, it is essential to consider how it will be used since not all floating docks are accessed as a floating platform or walkway. So while it is possible to build a floating dock at your waterfront property, it is far more practical to determine the ideal construction plan first and weigh your options until you work into the final project. Also, knowing how to build a floating dock is a must.

This article will discuss ten types of floating dock construction plans that may be suitable as an extension to your home property. Are you excited to see our list? Check it out below!

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straight line wooden floating dock
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Straight-line Floating Dock

This straight-line floating dock construction plan is typically seen in residential and commercial spaces. It may seem conventional and simple, but a rectangular shape floating dock can give a refreshing appeal. The slips in this type of dock are arranged at a ninety-degree angle giving the dock stability. Having this kind of docking system gives more access points to your boat or personal watercraft.

Built-in Seating Floating Dock

Constructing a built-in seating directly to the design of your floating dock is a popular trend that improves functionality and cost-efficiency. This construction plan uses the same modified wooden boards for both dock planking and benches. This design of dock eliminates the need to purchase additional furniture for seating and looks great at any waterfront property.

A wooden pond dock
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A girl kayaking near a kayak dock
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Floating Kayak Dock Cradle

Launching a kayak, paddleboard, or other small watercraft from a dock can be a challenging activity. If you are looking for a residential floating dock and you want to launch your craft quickly, then this construction plan is suitable for your waterfront.

DIY Floating Dock

Want to construct a floating dock at your pond but have a tight budget? Well, anything is possible. You can create your simple floating dock by checking this tutorial. This construction plan of the floating dock is made from 6 barrels and wooden planks with a total size of 10×10. This project will surely cost less than a hundred dollars. Now that is something!

DIY floating dock
A close up image of a water dock bench

Multi-level Floating Dock

There are some types of decking surfaces that are way higher than the surface of the water. Due to this, a multi-level construction plan is needed so that the dock can be used to its full potential. There are docking plans that have foldable ramps, benches, and other type of floating platforms attached to the floating structure. This can be beneficial for your water recreational activities.

Customizable Floating Dock

These modular plastic floating docks can be used for residential and commercial purposes because they are customizable and versatile to use. For residential purposes, you can use this for PWC mooring and docking, swimming, or fishing platforms. For commercial purposes, you can use this for cage fish farming, floating restaurants, or floating marinas.

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modular floating dock
aluminum and wooden floating dock
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Mixed Floating Dock Material

This floating dock construction plan features a dock that is made of aluminum and wooden materials. Modified wood is used for the decking, whereas a transition strip of metal tracks the perimeter, isolating the floating dock arms from the rest of the wooden boards. This type of floating structure is not only aesthetically pleasing but also makes the dock sturdy and durable.

2-in-1 Floating Dock

If you want a floating dock that can be used for boat docking as well as for swimming, then this type of construction is ideal for your waterfront. This floating wooden structure serves as a home for your watercraft, but it also offers a convenient space whenever entering and exiting the water while swimming. Cool, isn’t it?

A wooden dock at the Moeke Rhenen
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floating pool
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Floating Pool Structure

If you think it is impossible to swim in your murky lagoon area, then this floating structure might surprise you! Floating swimming pools are now hip in the floating dock trade. You can easily adjust the size of the pool and add in cool features like water jets to add to the fun.

Multipurpose Floating Dock

Do you like to build a floating structure that is spacious and multipurpose? Then this kind of project might catch your attention. Although this aluminum floatation system will cost much, it offers almost all the things that you might need. It has space for securing your PWC and boat mooring. It has a sweet spot for fishing or swimming. More than that, you have access to the upper floor for relaxation and sight-seeing. What more can you ask for?

A multipurpose floating dock
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Did you have fun in checking our list of floating construction projects that you can do at your waterfront property? Always remember to meet the building requirements in your location to avoid any problems afterward. We hope that this list has been helpful. Also check out our list of top 10 floating dock manufacturers you should know.

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